Powder Metallurgy

By : Vikas Bhadoria

Updated : Feb 26, 2021, 11:07

Powder metallurgy refers to the science of production and working of metals into fine powders, which can further be pressed and moulded to form objects. The process is carried out by heating compacted metal powders below their melting points.

Powder metallurgy for computer science and mechanical engineering is not only important for the GATE exam, but also to prepare for IES (ESE), UPES, BITSAT, ISRO, and other mechanical engineering exams. This article mentions important powder metallurgy topics for GATE ME, powder metallurgy GATE notes, powder metallurgy GATE ME syllabus, and powder metallurgy study material for GATE ME.

Important Powder metallurgy Topics for GATE ME



Powder Production

Powder production is the first step in which raw materials are converted into powder form. Powders can either be pure elements or pre-alloyed powders. Methods involved in powder production include atomisation, reduction, and electrolysis.


Compaction is a process by which the porosity of an element is reduced by mechanical means. The fundamental purpose of compaction is to get a green compact which can ensure further handling operations.


Sintering is done at the most optimal atmosphere to bond atoms. The process of bonding occurs when atoms diffuse.

Secondary operations

Grinding, repressing, plating are considered as secondary operations, and they are performed to ensure great surface finish and corrosion resistance.

Tips to Solve Powder metallurgy for GATE

  1. Choose a good powder metallurgy book, and start by making powder metallurgy notes for ME. Making personal notes will make it easier for you to revise the same topics in the future.
  2. Practice powder metallurgy GATE questions and solve powder metallurgy quizzes regularly. Download previous question papers to get familiar with the GATE exam pattern.
  3. Go through the powder metallurgy syllabus for GATE and start covering important topics such as casting, sintering, forming, and joining processes.
  4. Learn to utilise your time well, as time management is vital. Take out some time for revision.

Importance of Powder metallurgy for GATE ME

  1. Powder metallurgy is an important topic under Manufacturing Processes in metallurgical engineering, as it deals with the study of metals, their extraction, casting, and sintering.
  2. Powder metallurgy carries a total weightage of 1-2 marks in the GATE exam.
  3. Overall, manufacturing processes carry a weightage of 5-6 marks in the GATE exam, and includes topics like metal casting, metal joining, and powder metallurgy.
  4. Powder metallurgy helps one understand the basics involved in the mining and extraction of metals so that students can learn environmentally responsible ways of designing and maximise energy efficiency.

Most Recommended Books for Powder metallurgy for GATE

Mentioned below is a list of important books to cover Powder metallurgy in detail:



A Text-book of Material Science and Metallurgy

O P Khanna

Materials Science and Engineering

V Raghavan

Powder metallurgy: Science, Technology, and Materials

G S Upadhyaya

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Q1- What are some of the important topics in powder metallurgy for the GATE exam?

Some of the important topics include the production of powder, compaction, sintering, and metal joining.

Q2- How to prepare powder metallurgy online for GATE 2021 during the lockdown?

One of the best ways to prepare online is to visit BYJU'S Exam Prep for powder metallurgy notes and quizzes. GATE aspirants need not blindly stick to a lot of reference books to cover each topic. It is recommended that you start with the most important topics, solve practice papers, and then revise.

Q3- How much weightage does metallurgical engineering carry in the GATE exam?

Metallurgical engineering carries a total weightage of 10 to 15 marks in the GATE exam. Casting and physical metallurgy are one of the most important sub-topics under it.

Q4- How much time will it take to cover powder metallurgy for the GATE exam?

Powder metallurgy is an important topic for GATE ME, and includes a few crucial processes such as casting. To thoroughly prepare each topic, a candidate needs to spend time reading a few reference books and pdfs. Total time taken to cover powder metallurgy may vary from individual to individual.

Q5- Where can I assess previous GATE question papers and solved MCQs?

Previous papers for GATE ME are available on BYJU'S Exam Prep along with hundreds of online quizzes, practice tests with answers.