Mohr's Circle

By : Vikas Bhadoria

Updated : Feb 20, 2021, 3:53

Mohr’s Circle syllabus for GATE is part of the Strength of Materials section in the examination for mechanical engineers. The weightage for the Strength Of Materials usually ranges from 11-24 points, spread across both papers. Mohr’s Circle MCQ questions aim to test the aspirant’s knowledge of the Strength Of Materials section. The topic mainly focuses on plane stress and strain.

Important Topics of Mohr’s Circle for GATE ME

Any good Mohr’s Circle book or Mohr’s Circle GATE notes should break down the various topics and concepts that are part of Mohr’s Circle. It is crucial to understand the theory behind the questions before attempting a Mohr’s Circle online quiz. Simply memorizing or mugging formulae and concepts without a thorough understanding is not enough. Aspirants must focus on using reliable Mohr’s Circle study material for GATE ME to understand the Mohr’s Circle topics for GATE ME.



Plane stresses

Calculate the angle of the principal stresses without needing the angle of the stress.

Plane strain

Mohr’s Circle is used to represent a 2-dimensional principal strain.

Tips to solve Mohr’s Circle questions for GATE ME

  1. Practice with Mohr’s Circle GATE questions and answers pdf to improve your speed.
  2. Use reliable Mohr’s Circle notes for gate pdf to understand the concepts.
  3. Have a concept sheet or notebook with all the relevant formulae for easy revision.
  4. Try to find the answer by logging in each solution in the question asked.

Importance of Mohr’s Circle in GATE Exam

  1. Mohr’s Circle is an easy topic with straightforward theory and application.
  2. Mohr’s Circle GATE questions are part of the Strength Of Materials topic, which counts for up to 24 marks.
  3. Relatively few formulae to remember, meaning Mohr’s Circle questions are very high scoring.

Most Recommended Books for Mohr’s Circle for GATE ME

Aspirants can pick from several books that cover the Mohr’s Circle GATE syllabus. However, we have listed the most recommended books for Mohr's circle for GATE for you:



Strength of Materials

S Ramamrutham

A Textbook of Strength of Materials

R K Bansal

Strength of Materials

Dr. B C Punmia, Ashok Kumar Jain, Arun Kumar Jain

Strength of Materials: Mechanics of Solids

R K Rajput

Strength of Materials and Structures

John Case

Aspirants must also aim to solve multiple Mohr’s Circle MCQ PDF to improve their speed and accuracy for the GATE exam.

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Q. What is Mohr’s Circle used for?

Mohr’s Circle is the graphical representation of the relationships between normal and shear stresses acting on various inclined planes at a point in a stressed body.

Q. What are the three principal stresses in Mohr’s Circle?

The three principal stresses are maximum principal stress (tensile), minimum principal stress (compressive), and intermediate principal stress.

Q. What are the applications of Mohr’s Circle?

Most of the applications of Mohr’s Circle in mechanical engineering are in determining the strength of materials. Geotechnical engineers use the concept to determine the strength of soils, while structural engineers use it to determine the strength of built structures.

Q. What is plane stress?

A material is said to experience plane stress if the only stress components acting upon it are in a single plane.

Q. What is the importance of Strength Of Materials?

Strength of Materials covers a range of concepts that allows us to determine the strength, stiffness, and stability of a body. It is used to determine if a body can withstand particular mechanical forces. This allows us to design mechanical parts and machines that are suited for certain applications.