Manometry and Buoyancy

By : Vikas Bhadoria

Updated : Feb 24, 2021, 6:39

Manometry and Buoyancy's topics are interrelated to each other and essential for preparing for both civil and mechanical engineering GATE exams. Manometry is the area which deals with the measurement or evaluation of pressure in the fluid. Buoyancy is the force exerted on an object that is immersed partially or wholly in fluid, and hence it helps in keeping the object afloat. Manometry and Buoyancy notes for GATE ME PDF helps in preparing for the exam with all concepts, theorems, and formula derivations. The Manometry and Buoyancy GATE questions mostly based on formulas and equations.

Important Manometry and Buoyancy Topics for GATE ME

The Manometry and Buoyancy syllabus for GATE is based on concepts and is an essential topic under Fluid Mechanics and hydraulics. The topics help in the preparation of GATE Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.



Center of Buoyancy

The point where the force of Buoyancy is applied is called the Center of Buoyancy. This includes different concepts which speak about force being applied, pressure application and how objects float or sink in water.

Density and Relative Density

The density is mass per unit volume and is represented by Mass/Volume. The relative density is the ratio of the density of the substance to density of water. It is defined by the formula = Density of substance/Density of water at 4°C.


The upward force which is exerted on an object which is partially or wholly immersed in a fluid is called upthrust. The object tends to sink when the object has a density greater than that of fluid. When the object is less dense than the liquid, it stays afloat.

Types of Manometers

The Manometry and Buoyancy MCQ questions for Gate Exam are even based on different types of Manometers. It includes a detailed study of Barometer, Piezometer as well as U-tube Manometer.

Tips to Solve Manometry and Buoyancy Questions for GATE ME

While preparing for the topic, it starts with understanding the concepts and implementing the formulas to solve the questions or equations. The Manometry and Buoyancy gate questions and answers PDF have an easy step by step explanation of all the concepts.

  • Know about all the basic concepts related to buoyancy and how it is applicable for solving the equations. Understand about pressure, density, and volume of the fluid.
  • Manometry and Buoyancy GATE syllabus is based on fluid mechanics. Study about all the forces and principles related to the topic.
  • Refer to previous years question papers and patterns using Manometry and Buoyancy study material for GATE ME.

Importance of Manometry and Buoyancy in GATE Exam

  • The topic is an important one under the Fluid Mechanic section. The concepts are easy to understand with easy implementation of formulas.
  • An average of 11 questions is asked from Fluid Mechanics. The topic of Manometry and Buoyancy holds significant weightage.
  • Manometry and Buoyancy topics for GATE ME are both theoretical and problem based. The theory questions are scoring.
  • Refer to the Manometry and Buoyancy MCQ PDF for preparation. The pattern or type of question year after year is similar.

Most Recommended Books for Manometry and Buoyancy for GATE

The specific Manometry and Buoyancy book are extensively detailed and hence it is better to stick to Fluid Mechanics book while preparing for the GATE Exam.



Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines

Dr R K Bansal

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

Yunus A. Cengel, John M. Cimbala

Why Prepare Manometry and Buoyancy from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

BYJU'S Exam Prep provides all the notes preparing for the topics of Manometry and Buoyancy for computer science. With experienced faculties of 10+ years, BYJU'S Exam Prep helps students prepare for the GATE Exams by strategic explanations of the problems. The Manometry and Buoyancy online quiz helps in getting acquainted with the topics and preparing better for the exam. There are fresh questions uploaded frequently for the students to prepare. Manometry and Buoyancy online test om BYJU'S Exam Prep helps in preparing for the exam and understanding the type and pattern of the question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are Manometry and Buoyancy correlated?

The topic of Manometry and Buoyancy are co-related with each other because it falls under the category of Fluid Mechanics.

Q. How to prepare for Manometry and Buoyancy?

Study the Manometry and Buoyancy notes for GATE ME from BYJU'S Exam Prep or other sources and help in understanding the important concepts

Q. How to understand the applications of Manometry and Buoyancy?

The applications can be best understood by understanding and learning about examples. Buoyancy is of three types which include positive, negative, and neutral buoyancy.

Q. What is the weightage for Manometry and Buoyancy topic?

There are around 11 questions from Fluid Mechanics out of which Manometry and Buoyancy are important concepts.

Q. How to solve the Manometry and Buoyancy MCQs for GATE Exam?

The Manometry and Buoyancy quiz helps in solving as many questions as possible at a quick speed. The more you solve, the better is the speed and understanding of the concepts.