Flywheels and Governors

By : Vikas Bhadoria

Updated : Feb 20, 2021, 23:55

During different stokes of a cycle, a mechanical device named a Flywheel reduces the fluctuation of the output shaft’s speed. This device becomes a reservoir of energy that stores excessive energy at the time of power stroke and releases it at an idle stroke. In our Flywheels and Governor notes PDF, you will read an in-depth description of a governor. Governor is a mechanical device used to maintain the engine’s mean speed within the required limit when there are variations in load. It achieves this by decreasing or increasing the intake of fuel. A Flywheels and Governors study material for GATE ME from an experienced source is the one-stop GATEway to comprehensive information on the topic.

Questions relating to this could be asked in any Flywheels and Governor’s quiz structured for exams like GATE ME and other engineering examinations.

Important Flywheels and Governors Topics for GATE ME



Kinetic Analysis of Single Slider Crank Mechanism

While solving questions relating to kinematics, the inertia of the rod is disregarded.


Cos (beta) = (sqrt. N2 - Sin2 (theta))/n

Displacement, velocity, and acceleration analysis of piston

These factors are calculated by considering the displacement of the piston at the moment when the crank has turned through theta angle from the specified inner-dead center.

Dynamic Analysis of Single Slider Crank Mechanism

An engine is acted upon by different forces that occur due to inertia and friction because of retardation and acceleration of engine elements. These elements are dynamic.


A flywheel is a reservoir of energy for storing energy when its supply is more than needed and releasing it when needed.

Governors and Types

Centrifugal governors are divided into the loaded type and pendulum type.

Other important topics are Fluctuation of Energy, the requirement of Flywheel in power presses, designing of Flywheel rim, Watt, and Portal, Hartnell and Proell Governor.

Tips to Prepare for Flywheels and Governors GATE questions

  • Get a collection of Flywheels and Governors notes for ME from a trusted source. Understand the topics thoroughly before starting to attempt any questions.
  • Practice solving the graphical questions regularly to ensure their completion within the stipulated time frame provided in the main exam.
  • Once the learning is over, test your knowledge with any Flywheels and Governor’s online quiz.
  • Practice every day through any Flywheels and Governors online test to get complete expertise in the topic.

Importance of Flywheels and Governors Questions

  • Based on the Flywheels and Governors syllabus for GATE, a total of 8 questions are asked in the GATE ME exam.
  • The average marks allotted to Flywheels and Governors questions in GATE according to previous trends is 1.75.
  • This topic is crucial from the exam perspective because it is based on the working of engines. Most of the practical-based jobs in India for Mechanical Engineers is based on the operation of engines.
  • Studying this topic will enhance the logical and reasoning skills of Mechanical Engineers to make them employable in the current competitive global environment.

Most Recommended Flywheels and Governors Books

In addition to the Flywheels and Governors GATE questions and answers PDF and Flywheels and Governors GATE notes, you can choose the books mentioned in the following list to better understand the topic. They will help you in gaining complete control over the subject and make you GATE-ready.



Dynamics of Machinery

Hans Dresig

Fundamentals of Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines and Mechanisms

Oleg Vinogradov

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Let us consider a flywheel with mass M distributed between a feature looking like a concentric disk of Radius R/2 and a bulky and ring-like rim with radius R. The mass of the remaining parts of the flywheel is negligible. If the flywheel’s moment of inertia about its AOR (Axis of rotation) is αMR2, the best approximation for α is _____.

Ans. The best approximation for α is 0.55 to 0.57.

Q. When a large motor is needed for a small instant, is the use of a flywheel recommended?

Ans. Yes.

Q. What is the function of a flywheel?

Ans. It releases and stores energy during the work cycle, reduces the electric motor’s power capability, and reduces the amplitude of speed fluctuations.

Q. Are flywheels used in shear and punching operations?

Ans. Yes, flywheels are used in shear and punching operations.

Q. Which flywheel is preferred for stress reduction?

Ans. Split Flywheel is preferred for stress reduction.