Fluid Properties

By : Vikas Bhadoria

Updated : Feb 23, 2021, 4:31

GATE exam principally tests the thorough comprehension of different engineering subjects and the knowledge of the sciences for entrance into the Master's Program of various engineering colleges. Fluid Properties is one of the most important topics for the GATE exam. You have to prepare this topic well. Make Fluid Properties GATE ME notes and study as per Fluid Properties GATE ME syllabus. Keep a check on your performance and make the necessary changes in your preparation strategy. Since the formulas are tricky, make a chart to learn them. GATE exam will assist you in getting admission for higher studies and a job in PSU as well. You can take the Fluid Properties quiz before your exam to boost your confidence. 

Important Fluid Properties Topics for GATE ME

The following are the major Fluid Properties topics for GATE ME:



Fluid Kinematics

Fluid Kinematics is a term from liquid mechanics, for the most part alluding to a simple numerical portrayal or detail of a stream field. It is separated from any record of the powers and conditions that may make such a stream.

Fluid Measurement

Fluid Measurement is divided into a few types. Each kind requires explicit thought of such factors as exactness necessities, cost contemplations, and the stream data's utilisation to get the necessary final products.

Fluid Dynamics

Fluid dynamics is a subdiscipline of liquid mechanics that portrays the progression of liquids—fluids and gases. It has a few subdisciplines, including optimal design and hydrodynamics.


It happens when a liquid streams over a level plate, causing a laminar or turbulent stream. This subject characterises different boundaries, for example, Energy thickness, Momentum thickness, Boundary layer thickness.

Tips to Solve Fluid Properties Questions for GATE ME

Follow these simple tips to excel in the GATE exam:

  • Fluid Properties gate questions are very simple. First, you have to understand all the formulas and then have to apply them while solving questions.
  • Revise important topics and formulas every day.
  • Refer to only a particular Fluid Properties book. Practice Fluid Properties MCQ questions and give Fluid Properties online tests.
  • You can check various GATE exam tutorials on the internet. It is very helpful and will give you insight concerning the GATE exam.

Importance of Fluid Properties in GATE Exam

The following are the importance of Fluid Properties:

  • Many mechanical engineering companies hire candidates based on their GATE score.
  • Around 10 – 12 questions are asked from this section every year.
  • As a mechanical engineer, you should have proper knowledge of fluid properties to excel in your professional life.
  • Scoring well in this section will help you to clear the GATE exam 2021.

Most Recommended Books for Fluid Properties for GATE

GATE aspirants mostly prefer the following books:



Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines

Er. R. K. Rajput

Fluid Mechanics

Technical Publication

Fluid Mechanics

Hemant Gupta

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Question 1. What are Fluid Properties?

Answer. Probably the most fundamental ideas of liquid properties are temperature, thickness, and arrangement. Mass and volume are instances of broad properties, which are properties that rely upon the measure of material. Thickness, temperature, and pressing factors are instances of concentrated properties.

Question 2. What is the dimension for kinematic viscosity?

Answer. It is L2/T

Question 3. What are the properties of a static fluid?

Answer. It has negative normal, stress and zero shear stress.

Question 4. What is the dimension of surface tension?

Answer. It is J/m2

Question 5. Who developed boundary layer theory?

Answer.  Ludwig Prandtl developed the boundary layer theory in 1904.