Fluid Dynamics

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Fluid Dynamics notes for GATE ME provides you with in-depth learning of the topic. In Fluid Mechanics, the flow of liquids and gases (also known as fluids) is described under the important subsection of Fluid Dynamics. If you check the Fluid Dynamics syllabus for GATE you will know that this topic has many sub-disciplines including hydrodynamics and aerodynamics. Questions from this topic are asked in GATE ME, GATE CE, ESE, and ISRO exams.

After studying from reliable Fluid Dynamics GATE ME notes, practice Fluid Dynamics GATE questions and answers PDF. It will help you practice different type of questions. Corroborating your knowledge by studying Fluid Dynamics study material for GATE ME will help you in clearing the GATE ME exam while also learning how to solve practical engineering problems for your future jobs.

Fluid Dynamics Topics For GATE ME



Properties of Fluid

Density, temperature, and composition are the basic properties of the fluid. There are two different types of properties:

  • Extensive: Dependent on the amount of material
  • Intensive: Independent of the amount of material

Laminar Flow Through Pipe and Plates

Low momentum convection and high momentum diffusion characterize laminar flow through plates and pipes.

Fluid Machinery

The energy stored by a mass of fluid is mainly in the form of intermolecular, kinetic, and potential energy. Any device that converts energy by the fluid into mechanical energy or vice versa is called a fluid machine.


At a given rate, the resistance of a fluid to deformation is called its viscosity.


In a gravity field, the upward force exerted by a fluid on an object immersed is called buoyancy.

Hydraulic Turbines

A primer mover used for converting the energy of running water into mechanical energy is called a hydraulic turbine.

Pelton Wheel

Pelton wheel is a type of impulse hydro turbine that is used in hydroelectric plants for operating under high heads.

Bernoulli Application

The applications of Bernoulli’s principle are:

  1. Venturi Meter that measures any liquid’s rate of flow through pipes
  2. Working of airplanes by specifically designing its wings to allow the air to pass at a higher speed from the above surface than the lower.

Tips to Prepare for Fluid Dynamics Questions GATE ME

  • After checking the Fluid Dynamics GATE syllabus, study the topics you find difficult with any Fluid Dynamics notes for ME.
  • Take Fluid Dynamics online quiz regularly from a trusted source to learn more about the topic.

Importance of Fluid Dynamics in GATE

  • Fluid Dynamics is an important subsection of Fluid Mechanics. In GATE, Fluid Mechanics has an average weightage of approximately 5 to 7 marks.
  • In the GATE exams, students can expect 3 to 5 questions from Fluid Dynamics.
  • Competitive Government exams place weightage on these topics because Fluid Dynamics' knowledge can help in force and moment calculation on aircraft, mass flow rate determination of petroleum through pipelines, and prediction of weather patterns.
  • Since 2015, Fluid Dynamics has been asked in the GATE Mechanical Engineering exam for 7 to 13 marks.

Most Recommended Fluid Dynamics Book for GATE ME

Face any difficulty while solving a Fluid Dynamics MCQ PDF or attempting a Fluid Dynamics quiz?. The reference books mentioned in this subsection will help you in understanding the concepts better. Once you've solved these questions, take the Fluid Dynamics online test to check your knowledge of the topic.



A Textbook of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines

R. K. Bansal

Fundamentals of fluid mechanics

Bruce Roy Munson and Donald F. Young

Computational Fluid Dynamics: An Introduction

John D. Anderson

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Navier Stoke's equation represents the conservation of ______.

Navier Stoke's equation represents the conservation of momentum in fluid dynamics.

Q. Is the converging section's angle less than the angle of the diverging section in a venturi meter?

No. The diverging section is smaller than the converging section in a venturi meter.

Q. Can we apply Bernoulli's equation between any two points for a rotational flow field's streamline?

No. We cannot apply Bernoulli's equation in this case.

Q. Bernoulli's equation is applicable for which situation?

Bernoulli's equation is applicable for incompressible and inviscid fluid flow.

Q. If the surface tension and compression force are neglected from the Second Law of Newton’s 2nd law of motion, the resultant equation is _______.

If the surface tension and compression force are neglected from the Second Law of Newton’s 2nd law of motion, the resultant equation is Reynold’s equation.