Flow Through Pipes

By : Vikas Bhadoria

Updated : Feb 25, 2021, 4:56

In fluid mechanics, flow through pipes is like a whole new dimension with a lot to discover and  learn. From house-hold water supply to the transportation of essential chemicals, flow through pipes holds significant importance and is covered in Fluid mechanics and hydraulics in engineering. The topic is of equal importance in several competitive examinations such as GATE, BARC, IES, SSE-JE and others. This topic is often considered important from an exam preparation point of view and hence has become an integral part of flow-through pipes syllabus for GATE. Rest assured, we know the importance of aspirants' topic and have created this effective guide that should be useful in revising flow through pipes GATE notes.

Important Flow through pipes Topics for GATE

One of the heavily tested sections of flow through pipes topic is related losses. Hence, we have summarised the important ones below:



Major loss: Loss of head due to friction

Make use of Darcy's formula to calculate loss as:

4fLv2/ (d*2g)


f = coefficient of friction

L = length of pipe

v = mean velocity of pipe

d = diameter of the pipe

g = gravitational constant

Minor loss: loss due to sudden contraction

Calculate loss using the formula as:

(0.5) v2 /2g


v = velocity which lies in contracted section

g = gravitational constant

Minor loss: due to sudden expansion/ enlargement

Calculate loss using the formula as:

(v1 2 – v2 2) / 2g


g = gravitational constant

Minor loss: loss of head at the entrance to the pipe

Calculate loss using the formula as:

(0.5) v2/ 2g


v = velocity of fluid while entering the pipe

g = gravitational constant

Minor loss: loss at the exit from pipe

Calculate loss using the formula as:



v = velocity of fluid while exiting from pipe

g = gravitational constant

Tips to Solve flow through pipes Questions for GATE

  • Apart from gaining an in-depth knowledge of the topic and revising Flow Through Pipes notes for GATE pdf, aspirants are advised to practice as many numerical problems as possible to understand the formulas better. They may make use of options such as Flow Through Pipes quiz and Flow-Through Pipes online test.
  • Once the formulas are well-practised and memorised, you may move onto the sample competitive exam questions and evaluate the understanding gained so far.
  • To manage the questions in a stipulated time frame, the students or aspirants may use a time-bound approach to check how much time they need to solve a questionnaire on this topic. Several online platforms offer these time-based practice tests such as Flow Through Pipes quiz and Flow-Through Pipes MCQ pdf.

Importance of Flow through pipes in GATE

  • Flow-through pipes or otherwise known as Pipes and cistern are important topics for competitive exams such as GATE and others.
  • The questions based on this topic evaluate a person's knowledge and conceptual understanding of the topic.
  • Furthermore, the questions test the aspirant’s ability to handle situation-based questions using correct and suitable formulae.
  • As an aspirant, it would be good for you to know that since this topic offers formula based questions, it is one of the most scoring topics to prepare.

Most Recommended Books for Flow through pipes for GATE ME

Out of the many Flow Through Pipes books available in the field, here's a select list of proven and known ones that can help aspirants prepare quality Flow Through Pipes notes for ME.

Name of BookAuthor
An Introduction to Fluid DynamicsG. K. Batchelor
Physical Fluid DynamicsD. J. Tritton

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Q. Is the flow rate constant in a pipe?

Yes, the rate flow is always constant with inlet flow being equal to outlet flow.

Q. How does the mass flow rate differ from the volume flow rate?

Volumetric flow rates refer to the space that the molecules in a state of gas and as gas particles occupy. In contrast, the mass flow rate refers to the number of molecules inflowing matter.

Q. Is it right to say that reducing pipe size increases pressure?

Yes, reducing pipe size increases pressure.

Q. How fast can water flow through pipes?

As per the general thumb rule, 8-10 linear feet per second.

Q. What is flow through parallel pipes?
When 2 or more pies form a pattern such that the flow of a fluid is divided initially, it comes together again called flow through parallel pipes.