Failure Theories

By : Vikas Bhadoria

Updated : Feb 22, 2021, 4:53

Whenever any machinery gets exposed to high stress and fails, it becomes pivotal to identify the mode of failure in design methodology to get it resolved. For this purpose, failure theories are used to set the failure criterion in design. Hence, the topic of failure theories is a crucial part of the various competitive exams, such as GATE Civil Engineering, ESE, JEE, SSC JE, BARC, etc. With regular practice, failure theories GATE questions are easy to understand and solve. If the topic is studied well, you can enhance your overall score as this section holds maximum weightage in terms of marks. This article is a compilation of everything you need to know with regard to failure theories and your GATE ME exam preparation.

Important Failure Theories Topics for GATE ME

While devising your preparation strategy, it’s critical to narrow down the most important subtopics to clear the GATE exam with ease. Listed below are the failure theories topics for GATE ME 2021:



Types of Mechanical Failures

There are two types of mechanical failure, namely, yielding and fracture.

Factors of Safety ( FOS)

It is the ratio of allowable stress that can be exerted. It defines the ratio of material stress to working stress.

Maximum Principal Stress Theory

It states that if the principal (maximum or minimum) stresses exceed the yield stress, this will cause yielding. The stress gets denoted as σ.

Tips to Solve Failure Theories Questions for GATE

Check out these tried and tested tips to solve and prepare failure theories questions effectively:

  • Look up the failure theories GATE syllabus and highlight the important topics. Start preparing those topics to begin with.
  • Revision is the key to success. Revise Failure theories notes for ME to formulate a thorough understanding of the subject matter. The more times you revise, the better your grasp and score.
  • Download failure theories GATE questions and answers pdf and practice them to enhance your accuracy and paper-solving speed.

Importance of Failure Theories in GATE Exam ME

  • Many PSUs, while recruiting candidates, check the GATE exam score. So by scoring well, you can get placed in your dream job.
  • This section holds maximum weightage. It gives you a chance to improve your overall GATE percentage.
  • As a mechanical engineer, it is essential to have a good understanding of failure theories.
  • Failure theories, being a problem-solving subject, shows your analytical and critical thinking skills.

Most Recommended Books for Failure Theories for GATE

Here is a list of the most recommended books for failure theories. Every failure theories book has a plethora of failure theories GATE questions for practice.



Theory of Machine

ECG Publication

Theories of failure

S. Dharmaraj

Mechanical Engineering

Ace Engineering Publication

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs

Q. What are the different theories of failure?

There are five different types of failure theories:

  • Maximum principal stress theory (Rankine’s theory)
  • Maximum shear stress theory (Coulomb, Tresca and Guest’'s theory)
  • Distortion energy theory (Huber von Mises and Hencky’s theory)
  • Maximum strain theory (St. Venant’s theory)
  • Maximum total strain energy theory (Haigh’s theory)

Q. What are some tips to score more marks in the GATE ME Exam 2021?

Follow these tips to score more in GATE ME 2021:

  • Solve failure theories MCQ questions regularly.
  • Practice failure theories online test and failure theories quizzes twice a week.
  • Maintain handwritten failure theories GATE notes and keep tracking your preparation.

Q. What is the theory of failure in SOM?

The theory of failure in SOM refers to those theories that help identify the various machine components subjected to stress caused by the functionality of loads.

Q. Which theories of failure are applicable for shafts?

The two theories that are applicable for shafts are:

  • Maximum shear stress theory of failure
  • Maximum principal stress theory of failure

Q. Which sites are helpful for GATE ME preparation 2021?

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