Deflection of Beams

By : Vikas Bhadoria

Updated : Feb 20, 2021, 6:07

Deflection of Beams is the measurement of structural deformity in a beam under any load. The deformity can be measured in terms of angle, distance, etc. Standard mathematical engineering formulas are used to calculate the beam deflection. Deflection of Beams questions are asked in the Applied Mechanics & Design (subject-specific section) section of the GATE ME exam.

GATE ME applicants will also face questions from the Deflection of Beams. It has applications in construction, structural analysis, etc. Read on to know more about the Deflection of Beams syllabus for GATE.

Important Deflection of Beams Topics for GATE ME



Slope of Beam

The slope of a beam is defined as the angle between the shifted beam and the original beam position. Maximum deflection in a beam occurs when the slope is zero.

Mohr’s Method

Mohr’s Method is used to determine the slope & deflection of a beam using the moment diagram. The two theorems stated under Mohr’s Method are:

• A tangent of the deflection curve is made in the moment diagram. The angle between the two points of the tangent is equal to the negative area of the whole moment diagram between the two points.

Formula -


BA is the angle between the two points (A &B) of the tangent and EI is the beam’s flexural rigidity.

• The deviation of point ‘B’ from the tangent at point ‘A’ (EIdBA) is defined as the negative first moment w.r.t. to B.

Formula –


Am is the ‘first moment w.r.t. point ‘B’.

Method of Superposition

The load(s) contribution is added to find out the desired deflection of a beam in this method.

Simply Supported Beams

Beams that have only two supports i.e. pinned support and roller support, fall under Simply Supported Beams.

Tips to Solve Deflection of Beams Questions for GATE ME

  • Practice previous year Deflection of Beams MCQ questions.
  • You should be familiar with engineering mathematics concepts like double integration, differential equation, etc. to solve Deflection of Beams GATE questions.
  • You should be well-rehearsed with the various formulas used in calculating the deflection of a beam.
  • Practicing via Deflection of Beams online tests can help you in knowing various short tricks.

Importance of Deflection of Beams in GATE ME

  • Questions from Deflection of Beams have continuously been asked in previous years’ GATE ME exam. Deflection of Beams for computer science is also essential for the GATE exam.
  • Deflection of Beams topics for GATE ME test the engineering mathematics skills of the applicants.
  • Deflection of Beams GATE syllabus also tests your understanding of applied mechanics, structural analysis, design, etc.
  • Deflection of Beams has many real-life applications in various industries like construction, design, etc.

Most Recommended Books for Deflection of Beams for GATE

One should obtain Deflection of Beams study material for GATE ME, which covers all the aspects of this topic. Some of the best Deflection of Beams books for GATE exam preparation are as follows:

Book Name


Engineering Mechanics

Irving Shames

Strength of Materials

R.K. Bansal

Mechanics of Solids

R.C. Gibbler

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of Deflection of Beams questions will be asked in the GATE ME exam?

You can take Deflection of Beams questions based on various formulas used in the calculation of deflection. You can also be given a diagram and asked the missing parameter in Deflection of Beams GATE questions.

Q. What type of integration should I know for solving Deflection of Beams questions?

You should know till second-order integration for solving Deflection of Beams questions.

Q. How many methods are there for calculating deflection in a beam?

Methods used for calculating beam deflections are the Double Integration Method, Mohr’s Method, Superposition Method, Conjugate Beam Method, etc. You can refer to the Deflection of Beams notes for ME available on BYJU'S Exam Prep.

Q. What are a Cantilever Beam and its slope at the fixed end?

A Cantilever Beam is a beam that is supported by only one point (fixed support). The slope of a Cantilever Beam at the fixed end is zero.

Q. Which point in a Cantilever Beam has the maximum slope?

The free end of a Cantilever Beam possesses the maximum slope.