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Updated : Feb 20, 2021, 2:43

Cams are mechanical devices that convert motion types. Suppose an object is going in rotatory motions. In that case, cams can be used to transform their rotatory motion into linear motion. It is a mechanical rotating wheel/shaft that strikes its lever on the rotatory motion paths.These devices are used in mechanical devices where you need frequent and timely linear motion to perform further actions. BYJU'S Exam Prep is an excellent platform from where you can learn all these concepts through interactive cams online tests. Cam forms an essential part of many exams including the GATE, CAT, IES, ONGC, and more. You must prepare well for the cams GATE ME syllabus to score good marks.

Important Cams Topics for GATE ME

There are different types of cams based on their shapes. The applications and implications are the main cams topics for GATE ME. These topics form an important part of the cams GATE questions. Other than this, there are various properties associated with the cam topic.



Disc Cam

It is the most common type of cam that produces linear motion due to irregular-shaped disc or plate rotation. The camshaft rotates and follows the perimeter of the outer boundary of the disc to generate motion.

Pressure Angle

It is the angle between the crank’s normal and the velocity projected at the follower.

Displacement Diagram

It represents the motion/ displacement that the cam would make upon a full single rotation.

Tips to Solve Camsfor GATE ME

Here are some good tips that you can follow while attempting the cam questions in the exam.

  • Have a good grip on the mathematical derivation part of this topic. Such as the angle of rotation and angle of dip.
  • You should use different learning platforms to prepare for the cams GATE questions
  • Practice the online cams quiz that helps you analyze your preparation strategies.
  • You should use the basic linear motion formulas to analyse the net motion. Unless given, take the resistance as zero.

Importance of Cams in GATE Exam

Cams are important in mechanical devices and GATE asks these questions frequently. Here’s how this topic is important for GATE.

  • Cams for computer science test your engineering ability to determine the rotational object's implications to produce linear motions.
  • You simultaneously need to know the linear motion concepts to answer these cams MCQ questions. Hence, GATE also tests your ability to connect topics with real life-applications.
  • The topic has a weightage of around 2%-5% in the GATE exam.
  • It gives relevance to real-life applications, including mechanical rotors and engines.

Most Recommended Cams Books for GATE

Here are some recommended books that provide the best cams study material for GATE ME and a source of cams notes for GATE.

Book Name


Design of Machine Elements

VB Bhandari

Theory of Machines

SS Rattan

A Textbook of Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines

RK Bansal

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Q. What are cams?

Cams are devices that can convert rotational motion to linear motion inside any mechanical device. They are mechanical devices that use a motor and a camshaft.

Q. Name the different types of cams used in the mechanical engineering industry?

The different types of cam used in the industry are disc cams, cylindrical cams, face cams, linear cams, snail drop cams and more.

Q. What is a cam timer?

Cam timers are used to measure the frequency and time the motion is converted to linear motion. It is essential to know the linear measurements before processing any motion-related devices.

Q. Can cams have any external devices attached to them?

Yes, to get any particular pattern, we can introduce an external device on the camshaft. It is known as the face cam.

Q. Which all exams have cam questions?

Cam is an essential mechanical engineering topic and comes in many exams, including the IES, ONGC, Railways and more.