Seating Arrangement

By : Raghavendra Singh

Updated : Dec 30, 2020, 6:06

The seating arrangement topic forms an important part of the reasoning section of all competitive exams. If you are preparing for your CAT exams, you cannot ignore the seating arrangement questions. They occupy a significant part of the logical reasoning portion of your question paper. The advantage of solving seating arrangement is that one question follows the next five to six questions. 

An incomplete arrangement is given where different people either sit in a line or a circle where they face different directions. You have to complete the arrangement based on the information and the hints given in the question. One arrangement is usually accompanied by 5 to 6 questions. So if you solve it, you can easily score a lot of marks to improve your aggregate.

Important Seating Arrangement Topics:



Linear Arrangement

In linear seating arrangement questions, few people sit in a straight line. They might either face in the same or opposite direction. You need to complete the arrangement based on the hints given in the question.

Circular Arrangement

Circular seating arrangement test questions are also quite common. Here, few people sit around a circular table. They can face inside or outside. You have to complete the entire arrangement based on a series of information given with the question.

Square or Rectangular Seating Arrangement

These questions are relatively easier than the circular arrangement as there is less number of people involved.

Tips To Solve Seating Arrangement Questions

Here are some seating arrangement tricks to help you solve these questions confidently.

  • Always make at least 2 diagrams. Many students make only one diagram and end up getting confused.
  • Start with that point about which you have the most information.
  • Instead of glancing at the question repeatedly, note down the information in short on your rough sheet.
  • Practice seating arrangement test questions as much as you can.
  • While practicing seating arrangement questions use a stopwatch to monitor and improve upon your speed.

Importance of Seating Arrangement for CAT Exam

  • It is one of the most scoring sections of your paper.
  • You need to solve only one seating arrangement to get the answer to the next five to six questions.
  • It helps to improve the overall speed in your CAT exam.
  • When you practice seating arrangement test questions, your ability to do well in other logical reasoning questions improves as well

Most Recommended Books For Seating Arrangement Problems



A Complete Book For Puzzles and Seating Arrangement.

It is one of the best books for solving seating arrangement test questions. It also contains seating arrangement study guides.

Radhey Ki Reasoning

It contains a host of seating arrangement questions and answers to help you improve your skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is adjacent in seating arrangement questions?

Many students tend to have confusion here. Adjacent means beside and not opposite. When a person sits adjacent to someone, it means that the person is sitting next to them.

Q. How to solve linear seating arrangement questions?

Linear seating arrangement questions are the easiest. Make sure you approach the question with two probable diagrams to avoid confusion.

Q. Can I leave out the seating arrangement questions in my CAT exam?

It is the most scoring section. If you practice it right, you can master it. Never leave out the seating arrangement questions.

Q. What is meant by immediate right in seating arrangement?

Whenever you see the term immediate right, it refers to the person sitting next to you on your right-hand side.

Q. How many questions are asked from the seating arrangement section in CAT? 

You can expect around 3-4 seating arrangement questions in your CAT exam.