Analysis of MAT May 2017 Exam

By N Shiva Guru|Updated : May 22nd, 2017

MAT 2017 Exam happened on May 7 (Paper Pencil). AIMA, the controller of MAT 2017 Examination gave the students the option of taking it online as well. The slots for the online exam started from 13 May 2017. Here is a snapshot of the exam:

Number of Questions200
Number of Sections5
Marking Scheme1 mark per question
Negative Marking0.25 marks per question
Number of Choices4(1,2,3,4)
Duration150 minutes

The five sections in the MAT 2017 Exam were:

These 200 questions from the 5 sections had precisely 40 questions in each. Each question had a marking scheme of +1, -0.25. 

Now, let us see the break up of questions vis-a-vis Easy, Medium and Difficult Questions. This analysis cuts across all the sections. Here, let's take a look:


The Score considered for selection is exclusive of the Indian and Global Environment (GK) section. Hence, the scoring is done out of 160 marks and not 200. In any case, the score card(by AIMA) does not give the net marks. It gives the scaled score and the percentile in every single segment. It additionally gives the general composite score and the general percentile. A net score of 62+ (barring the score in GK) is thought to be a decent score. A net score of 77+ barring the score in GK) is thought to be exceptional.


This test zone is a blend of Analytical thinking (26 Questions) and Critical thinking (14 questions). A decent time portion technique is to spend around 30 min. Generally speaking, the inquiries on Analytical Reasoning were of Moderate difficulty level. A net score of 20+ is thought to be a decent score in this area.


VocabularyFill in the blanks (2 blanks per question)3Medium 7
One word for a sentence3
English Usage and GrammarBest way of writing a sentence4Medium 
Para-Jumbles4Medium - Difficult
Key essence of the passage3Medium 
Error Identification (Sentence represented in four ways)3Medium 
Reading ComprehensionPassage with the theme:"Growth of writing instruments in a digital world5Easy-Medium10
Passage with the theme:
"Penetration of Internet in India.
Passage with the theme:
Transformation of Telecom Sector
Passage with the theme:
Banning Alcohol along highways
Overall40Medium 17


This test range, at the end of the day, had a decent blend of 20 Questions from Reading Comprehension and 20 Questions from Verbal Ability. A decent time allotment procedure is to spend around 30-35 min. There were four passages and every passage had five questions to be answered. The passages were of length around 500 words. The questions in Verbal required essential information about English use and practical syntax. By and large, the difficulty level could be named MODERATE. A decent score is evaluated to be 17 in a maximum time of 30-35 min.


This Section involed Data Interpretation (DI), Data Sufficiency (DS) and Data Comparison, with greater part of the questions originating from DI. The inquiries in DI included depended on perception, computations like correlation of parts, processing the midpoints, rate based figurings and so on. The sorts of DIs were identified as Line Graphs, Bar Charts, Tables, Pie Charts, Caselet or diverse mix like Tables and Line Charts, Pie and Bar Charts and so forth. By and large, this test region can be thought to be Moderate. A decent time assignment methodology is spend around 35-40 min for a decent net score of 16+ marks


The paper dominatingly had questions from Arithmetic like (Simple Equations, Percentages, Profit and Loss, Time and Work, Mensuration, Time and Distance, Simple Interest, Compound Interest). The quantity of questions identified with Higher Maths (Permutations and Combinations, Probability, Heights and Distance) were few. By and large, the test section can be named MODERATE-DIFFICULT. A decent time distribution procedure is to spend around 35-40 min for a decent net score of 15+.


The questions in this test zone were from business, current undertakings, Person and their related fields, and so forth. The individuals who read daily papers all the time will discover this area agreeable. General this test section can be named Moderate. It is to be noticed that the marks scored in this segment is NOT tallied in the combined score.

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