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Losses in pipes PYQ Achievers Practice Quiz 8

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Question 1

Diameter of a pipeline ABC suddenly changes from 15cm to 30 cm at B . if the pipe is carrying a discharge of 50 l/s from A to C, then the head loss at 'B' is

Question 2

Water is pumped through a pipeline to a height of 10m at rate of 6m3/min. Total losses are 10m. Power required to run the pump is ……….. (g = 10m/s2)

Question 3

Sudden expansion occurred from 2 cm radius to 4 cm radius pipe. If initial velocity is 6 m/s, then head loss in pipe will be

Question 4

Statement (I): Loss of head at the entrance of a pipe is 0.5, where v = velocity of liquid in pipe.

Statement (II): Loss of head at the exit of a pipe is , where V = velocity of liquid at the outlet of pipe.

Question 5

Assertion (A): loss of head at a sudden contraction in a pipe is smaller than the loss at a sudden expansion in the pipe .
Reason (R): increase in turbulence level is higher at a sudden expansion than at a sudden contraction.

Question 6

The diameter of a tapered pipe decrease from D2 to D1 over a length ℓ. The ratio of D2/D1 is k such that its head loss due to friction is equal to head loss had it been a pipe of uniform diameter of D1. Select the correct relation

Question 7

While using Darcy-Weisbach equation for estimating head loss in a pipe flow, the friction factor was misjudged by + 20% for this case, the error in estimating discharge is
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