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Losses in pipes Achievers Practice Quiz 7

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Question 1

If the diameter of pipe is suddenly doubled, the head loss is expressed as  (V1 = Initial velocity before expansion). Then the value of ‘K’ is _____.

Question 2

A closed loop air drying system has a conduit of rectangular section, 0.50 m × 0.30m which has a total length of 85m. The minor losses can be accounted for by an equivalent length of 15m. What is the power required to circulate air through this loop at 25m/s? Assume friction factor f = 0.02 and ρ = 1.20 kg/m3.

Question 3

A pipeline of 5cm diameter is reduced abruptly to 3.5cm diameter at a section due to contraction of pipe. The loss of head estimated is 0.7m & head loss coefficient is 0.5. What is the mean velocity(m/s) in reduced pipe section? (Take g=10m/s2)

Question 4

A nozzle discharges water at a velocity of 20 m/s. If the head loss through the nozzle is 6 m, then the coefficient of velocity of this nozzle will be

Question 5

Two identical pipes are first connected in series and then connected in parallel. If the total discharge in both the cases was found to be identical, find the ratio of head loss in series vs head loss in parallel set up.

Question 6

Time diameter of a tapered pipe reduces from 2D to D over a length L. The head loss due to friction is x times the head loss through friction, head it been a pipe constant diameter d. The value of x is.

Question 7

The ratio of head loss through a pipe in which water is discharged from site at a uniform rate at regular intervals and the end is closed, to the head loss through a pipe carrying uniform discharge.
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