Long Compression Members will

By Aina Parasher|Updated : July 1st, 2022

Long Compression Members will-

  1. Not buckle
  2. Buckle inelastically
  3. Buckle plastically
  4. Buckle elastically

Answer: Option D. Buckle Elastically

Long Compression Members will buckle elastically.


Long Compression members will buckle elastically. Columns and Struts which fail by buckling are analyzed by Euler’s theory.

Assumptions of  Euler’s Equation for Elastic Instability-

  • Material is homogenous, isotropic, and elastic. 
  • The cross-section area of the column remains uniform from the top to the bottom.
  •  The line of thrust coincides exactly with the axis of the column. 
  • The column is initially straight, loading must be axial and self-weight is negligible.

Generalized Euler’s Formula

            Pcr= π2EI/KL2

Where, KL = Effective length

K = Effective length factor

L = Actual length

Pcr – Buckling Load / Crippling

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