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Logical Reasoning Quiz || CLAT 2022 || 16.02.2022

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Question 1

Select the related letters/words/numbers from the given alternatives.

7 : 32 : : 35 : ?

Question 2

In each of the following questions, select the related word/letters from the given alternatives.
Hard : Rock : : Soft : ?

Question 3

Direction: Select the related word/letters/ number from the given alternatives.

ACE : GIK : : MOQ : ?

Question 4

Select the one which is different from the other three responses.

Question 5

Directions: Find out the pair which is different from the others in the following questions.
Find out the different group.

Question 6

Directions: In each of the questions, which one is different from the rest?

Question 7

In a row of thirty five children, M is fifteenth from the right end and there are ten children between M and R. What is R’s position from the left end of the row?

Question 8

In a row of forty children, Q is Fourteenth from the left end and there are sixteen children between Q and M. What is M's position from the right end of the row?

Question 9

Among R, L, T and J each having different weights, T is heavier than only L. R is not as heavy as J. Who is the heaviest?

Question 10

Direction: Read the following information carefully and answer it.
There are six friends Kamal, Tinnu, Som, Sohit, Rohit and Pankaj who have different heights. The height of only two friends is more than that of Som. The height of Rohit is less than that of Sohit. The height of Kamal is greater than that of Tinnu. Sohit is not the tallest of all. The height of Som is 100 cm and the height of the shortest of all is of 60 cm. Tinnu's height is neither the highest nor the lowest. Pankaj is the fourth tallest. Sohit’s height is greater than that of Som’s.
Who is the tallest?
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