Lion's Opposite Gender

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : July 22nd, 2022

The lion is often referred to as the King of the jungle or the animal kingdom. They are nocturnal animals and dangerous predators that can hunt down their prey with ease. However, the lion is only the male member of the species, the female member or lion’s opposite gender is the lioness. Keep reading to learn more about the lioness and the big cat family.


Lion’s opposite gender is a Lioness

The lionesses of a pride are known to be more dangerous because they will attack any human if they sense any danger from them. Unlike the lions, the lionesses don’t hold back or have any restrictions. Moreover, they have distinct physical features that will help you spot a lioness from a lion pretty easily.


Lion's Opposite Gender

The female species or the lion’s opposite gender is the lioness. A lioness is known to be more dangerous than a lion as she can attack or injure a person in a heartbeat if she senses any danger from them. They have different physical features that make them very distinctive from the lions and together they form a pride.

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