Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview 2021, Know Complete Process

By Naveen Singh|Updated : June 15th, 2021

Lecturette is one of the most important topics in SSB. One needs to prepare well in Lecturette so as to make a good impression on the GTO (Group Task Officer). so here we are with some important topics for Lecturette that are generally asked in SSB Interview.

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What is Lecturette?

Lecturette is one of the tests during the SSB interview to test the personality of the candidate and test them in accordance with the Officer Like Qualities.

The test is about speaking on a given topic for a given period of time.

Process of Lecturette

In the lecturette test, all candidates it in a circular arrangement based on their chest numbers.

The candidate is given a cue card that has 4 topics written on it and out of that he needs to choose any one of the given topics.

The candidate is given 3 minutes to prepare on the topic and then speak on it for 3 minutes.

After 3 minutes, the candidate is called by the GTO, submit his card and come in front of the group and give the small lecture on the subject.

While the first candidate is giving the lecture, the second candidates pick up a cue card, chooses the topic & starts preparing.

When the first candidate finishes, the second one is called by the GTO and then told to deliver his lecturette on the topic he chose.

What is Tested in Lecturette?

Before the Lecturette starts, the GTO makes small talk with all the candidates in the group asking them to say the following things:

  1. Name
  2. Place
  3. Parents occupation
  4. Qualification/profession
  5. Hobbies

Lecturette is basically the test of whether a candidate has an adequate amount of knowledge and based on that knowing how well can he organize his thoughts in less amount of time. Also, his confidence is tested by his command of the language.

A great leader is always regarded as the one who can rally men into the battlefield by his words. The leader must be a great orator who can pump up Josh within the soldier at the time of hardship. 

OLQ's that are clearly visible:

  • Organizing Ability
  • Power of Expression
  • Confidence
  • Liveliness
  • Effective Intelligence
  • Ability of Influence

Lecturette Topics for SSB Interview

Here are some important Lecturette Topics for SSB interview:


The rest of the topics mentioned will be updated in due time. we hope that this initiative would help you in clearing the lecturette process of SSB interview. We will soon release an article on tips and techniques to improve your lecturette speaking skills.

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We also invite you to suggest some topics which were previously asked in your SSB interview & we will make lecturette on those topics as well.

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Shailly Panwar
Does anyone who has cleared CDS2 2019 got their call letter for SSB ??
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Suraj BafilaDec 19, 2019

Please update other topics as well , i really appreciate this initiative
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best of the best
Anjali Patil

Anjali PatilFeb 18, 2020

Do we have moc lecturette videos?
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Sir plz update the rest topics too
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Aarav RoyJun 5, 2020

Sir, Jb Lecturate krna hota h toh start 3min read ke liye diya jata h, then after 3 min , vo bina dekhe bolna hota h Ya fir dekhkr???
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Rajesh DesaiJun 23, 2020

Hello Sir, please post recent lecturette topics like Women in Combat Roles, Artificial Intelligence, Jobless Growth in India, NRC, Impact of Social Media... please reply Sir 🙌
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Gangaram SenJun 11, 2021

Sir may month ka CA Ka pdf daal Di jiye please
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When will come territory army notification?
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Sir afcat ke form. M..bsc cs s hu kin s graduation m aunga....C or D


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  • Candidates have to select one topic out of the 4 topics that are given to him/them and then speak on a chosen topic from 2.5 - 3 minutes in lecturette in SSB Interview.

  • There are 4 topics given to each candidate, the difficulty level of all the topics varies. The candidate can choose the topic as per their choice & knowledge.

  • The primary language of the SSB Interview is English. If you get stuck anywhere in Lecturette in SSB Interview you can explain yourself in Hindi but eventually, return back to English.

  • The introduction takes place when the first candidate receives his/her topics and has started preparing. In the meantime, GTO asks the rest of the candidates to introduce themselves one by one.

  • Lecturette in SSB Interview is a part of the Ground Tasks. So it takes place on the 3rd or 4th day of your SSB Interview.

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