SLAT Answer Key 2021, Download PDF

SLAT Answer Key 2021, Download PDF

ByNeeraj Mishra  |  Updated on: Jul 12, 2021Know SLAT exam date 2022, SLAT meaning, application form process, fee detail, eligibility criteria, syllabus, exam pattern, selection procedure, PI-WAT/ST-PI rounds, and much more regarding the SLAT 2022 exam refer below.
Know SLAT exam date 2022, SLAT meaning, application form process, fee detail, eligibility criteria, syllabus, exam pattern, selection procedure, PI-WAT/ST-PI rounds, and much more regarding the SLAT 2022 exam refer below.
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SLAT Answer Key 2021

The answer key of SLAT 2021 will be published by Symbiosis International University after the exam on the official website. SLAT will be conducted in a remotely proctored (online) mode. The SLAT 2021 answer key will contain the correct answers to the questions asked in the exam. Candidates who will appear for the SET Law entrance test will able to check the answer key on the SET official site.

Candidates may calculate their possible scores by matching the answers with the SLAT 2021 answer key. By calculating the scores, they may get a rough idea of getting admission to any of the participating colleges. Note that there is no provision for raising objections against the result of SLAT 2021. The decision of exam authorities will be final in such a matter.

SLAT Answer Key Dates 2021

Note the release date for the SET Law entrance test answer key below. 


Important Dates

SLAT 2021

July 10 to July 13, 2021

Answer Key

To be announced


To be announced

SLAT Answer Key (unofficial)- Memory Based Questions

After the SLAT 2021 exam, Grdaeup experts analysed the SET paper and provide details about its difficulty level, questions asked and more. You will also be able to check the unofficial SLAT answer key to check your responses and calculate marks. 

SLAT Analysis 10th July 2021

SLAT Analysis 11th July 2021

SLAT Answer Key 2021- 10 July 2021

Check the memory-based questions asked on 10 July in the SET Law exam align with answers below.  The level of the exam was moderate. Check all the SLAT questions asked in the exam along with insights about the kinds of questions asked. You can also download the SLAT question paper 2021 pdf from the link mentioned here. Download SLAT Question Papers 2021- 10 July 2021

SLAT 2021 Analysis: GK Questions

1. Who authored the book “Waiting for a Visa”?

Ans: B.R. Ambedkar

2. Which of the following island is renamed Shaheed Dweep?

Ans: Neill Island

3. Which of the following social worker fondly known a “Manji of Ladakh”, has been nominated to receive the Padma Shri Award 2021 for constructing a 38 Km road connecting the Kargyak Village in the Zanskar valley with Darcha village in Himachal Pradesh?

Ans: Tsultrim Chonjor

4. According to Eurostat Report 2020, which country is the largest trading partner of the European Union?
Ans: China

5. Who was recently in the news for translating Satyajit Ray’s Book “Another Dozen Stories” from Bengali to English?

Ans: Indrani Mujumdar

6. Which country has released the world’s first animal vaccine against noval coronavirus?

Ans. Russia

7. The capital of this country is Suba. A variant of Hindi is the official language of this Island country. Name the country?

Ans. Fiji

8. Which of the following depicts Estonia’s claim to fame in January 2021?

Ans. It became the only country in the world where the elected Prime Minister and the elected President are women.

9. Which Sri Lankan cricketer recently announced his retirement from International Cricket?

Ans. Thisara Parera

10. This art form was made popular after the New Zealand sports team began performing it before their matches which is a kind of war cry or dance. What is it known as?

Ans. Zumba

SLAT 2021 Memory Based Questions II GK & Current Affairs II 10.07.2021

SLAT 2021 Analysis: Analytical Reasoning Questions

11. Find out the missing number, if a certain rule is followed in all the three figures:-

Ans. 91

12. The sum of the ages of Neeta and Rita is 41 years. Four years ago, Neeta’s age was two times the age of Rita. So, the present age of Rita is

Ans: 15

13. 16 : 125:: 36:?

Ans: 343

14. There are twenty-five children standing in a row facing towards the North. If Prakash is shifted by four places towards his right, he becomes tenth from the right end. What is the original position of Prakash from the left end?

Ans: 12th

15. In a code language given that ‘756’ means ‘Night is cool’, ‘53’ means ‘Cool Winter’ and ‘745’ means ‘Cool is Dark’, now Dark is represented by which digit?

Ans: 4

16. Four friends namely Pulkit, Qadir, Rahul and Sanjay are playing the game of carom. During the game Qadir makes pair with Sanjay and Pulkit makes pair with Rahul. Sanjay is sitting to the right side of Rahul whose face is towards the west. Find out which direction Sanjay is facing?

Ans: South

17. Akshay lives in the neighbourhood of Prasad which is 100 meters away towards the southeast. Suman is Akshay’ neighbour and she stays 100 meters away towards the southwest. Vivek is Suman’s neighbour and he stays 100 meters away towards the northwest. Where is the position of Vivek’s home in relation to Prasad’s home?

18. By travelling at 60 kmph, a person reaches his destination on time. He covered three-fourth of the total distance in one-fourth of the total time. What speed should he maintain for the remaining distance to reach his destination on time?

Ans: 20 kmph

19. What number should come next:

52, 51, 53, 52, 54, 53,…..

Ans: 55

20. Find the odd one out:

12, 43, 95, 167, 2511, 3613, 4915

Ans: 167

21. Ravi made a statement: When I have gone for hunting today morning, every bird that I have shot was a pigeon, and every pigeon I saw I shot. Which of the following statement below is an appropriate conclusion from Ravi’s statement?

22. In a certain language SAMEER is coded as 924, PRAVIN is coded as 1575. How should SCHOOL be coded in the same language?

SLAT 2021 Memory Based Questions II Analytical Reasoning II 10.07.2021

SLAT 2021 Analysis: Logical Reasoning Questions

23. While introducing Sheela, Nitin says, she is the only sister-in-law of my mother’s son’. How are Sheela and Nitin related?

Ans: Husband and Wife

24. If the 24th of July is a Wednesday, the number of Wednesdays in the month is

Ans: 4

25. Googly: Cricket:: Eagle:?

Ans: Golf

26. Paw : Dog:: Hoof:? 

Ans: Cow

27. Find the next number in the sequence 2, 5, 16, 65…

Ans: 326

28. If you rank 12th in a class of 57, what will be your rank from the last?

Ans: 46

29. Ballerina : Ballet :: Thespian : ?

Ans: Drama

30. If FACTORY is coded as 3761942 and TEACHER as 1876084, how is FEATHER Coded?

Ans: 3871084

31. Ring: Boxing:: Velodrome:?

Ans: Cycling

32. How many meaningful 5 letter words can be formed from the following word:

Ans: 1

SLAT 2021 Memory Based Questions II Logical Reasoning II 10.07.2021

SLAT 2021 Analysis: Legal Aptitude Questions

33. Principle: Necessity is a good justification for the loss caused to the plaintiff.

Facts: A fire originates in A’s house through some unknown defect in the electrical installation. In extinguishing the fire, B’s adjoining property is damaged by water. B brings an action against A, claiming damages for the damage caused to his property.

Ans: B cannot succeed, since A was acting under sheer necessity

34. Principle: Acceptance must be in the same sense of the proposal and the manner so provided.

Facts: ‘J’ proposed to ‘Y’ to sell a table for INR 600. ‘Y’ expressed his desire to buy the said chair for INR 500.

Ans: ‘Y’ has not accepted the proposal of ‘J’.

35. Principle: A crime consists of two essential ingredients of men's rea and actus rea.

Facts: Riddhi who has been absent from school for a week goes to the library and takes away Shina’s notebook to make notes. She leaves a letter at the table for Shina mentioning that she is taking her notebook and will return it tomorrow. But the letter was not read by Shina. Will Riddhi be liable for theft?

Ans: No, even though she took it but there was no malafide intention or mens rea on her part.

36. Manu, an APSRTC bus driver finds himself in a situation where he has no other option but to run over a café full of people in order to avoid he takes a turn and runs over a biker. The biker dies on the spot. Is the bus driver liable

Ans: The bus driver is not liable because through his actions he had no mens rea to kill the biker, rather it was an unavoidable situation.

37. Mr Sam had a black Labrador (Justice), 5 years old. One fine day he left his dog unattended. Meanwhile, Bruno, who was Mr Sam’s neighbour started throwing stones at Justice. Justice got furious and started running, as a result, women and a child were in danger. A policeman saw the situation and came to save the women and child. But meanwhile, he got injured. The policeman demanded damages from Mr Sam.

Choose the appropriate option:

Ans: Policeman can recover the damages as Mr Sam left the dog unattended. So, Mr Sam should pay for the damages.

Ans. D

38. Principle: Child Labor is strictly prohibited and punished in places of Hazardous employment.

Facts: Raju, a twelve years old boy was the only child of his parents. They both were daily wage earners. One day, they both fell ill and there was nothing to eat at their homes. Raju asked the nearby factory owner Ramesh Bhai having a firecrackers manufacturing unit to provide work at his factory. Raju started working at his factory.

Ans: The factory manufacturing unit was not so hazardous, so Ramesh Bhai will not be prosecuted.

39. Principle: An agreement is void and unenforceable if consideration and objects are unlawful.

Facts: ‘A’ Police officer entered into an agreement with B to supply 15 AK Rifles. A promised to pay a sum of INR 200000/-, B supplied the guns but A refused to pay the sum promised.

Ans: A) B cannot move to any court for enforcement of the contract. 

40. A, while walking on a street thrust his hand in B's pocket for stealing valuables but the pocket was empty. A is:

Ans: guilty of attempt to commit theft.

How to Download SLAT 2021 Answer Key

  • Visit the Official Admission Portal of SIU –
  • Click on the SLAT link.
  • Login using registration ID and Password.
  • Click on the Answer Key.
  • The Answer Key of the SLAT will be displayed on the screen.
  • Match your answers with those given in the official key and calculate your score.
  • Download the same, if required.

How to calculate SLAT marks?

Candidates need not be worried about incorrect answers because there are no criteria for negative marking in SLAT 2021. The total marks will be the number of correct answers. One mark will be awarded for each correct answer.

Download the SLAT response key and question paper, match your answers to calculate your score. 

SLAT Result 2021

The SIU will release the date of the result soon after the conduct of the law admission test. The candidate may check and download the result from the official SET portal. After the result of the entrance test result SLAT PI (personal interview) and WAT round (Writing Ability Test) will be conducted separately by all SET participating institutes.

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SLAT Answer Key FAQs

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  •  One mark will be awarded for each correct answer. There is no negative marking criteria for SLAT. You should count one mark for each correct answer. So, the total number will be your SLAT Score.

  •  No, there is no negative marking for SLAT 2021.

  • No, there is no provision for raising objection against the result. The decision of exam authorities will be final in such a matter.