Last Week Preparation Tips & Tricks for SSC CGL 2021-22 Exam

By PARUL RISHI|Updated : April 6th, 2022

Last Week Preparation Tips & Tricks for SSC CGL 2021-22 Exam: Staff Selection Commission is one of the most popular government bodies that conducts various exams at different levels for government job seekers. Amongst all the exams conducted by the organization, SSC CGL 2022  (Common Graduate Level) is the most famous one. This exam is conducted by SSC every year and this time over 25 Lakh candidates are eligible to appear for Tier I Exam.

While your preparation is a long-term process, with some of you spending over a year on preparing for the exam, it is equally important to get into the right mindset just before the exam. The last week is very critical towards building the right mindset. For this, we have compiled some result-oriented tips and tricks for last week of the SSC CGL 2022 exam which help you get into the right mindset and qualify CGL Tier I exam. Only the right mindset along with solid preparation makes the difference between success and failure.

How to Prepare in the Last Week for SSC CGL 2022 Exam - Key Important Tips

1. Speed and Accuracy:

Speed and accuracy play a vital role in the exam. To increase your speed, attempt at-least 10 mock tests in last one week and try to solve them in 55 minutes. Note the topics which are taking more time. These topics should be attempted towards the end of the exam. Your focus should be on improving your accuracy by practicing more quizzes and mocks.

2. Revision is necessary:

  • If the important topics that you studied earlier are not properly revised, it is as good as not studied. The revision will help you memorize/ remember what all you studied months back.
  • Revise the important Maths formulas, especially the key topics in advanced maths.
  • Revise the short tricks for time and distance, profit and loss, percentage, mixture and allegation, and ratio & proportion. These will help you save your crucial time during the examination.
  • Revise the important one word and idioms & phrases in English section.
  • Don’t try to learn new words/vocab in these last few days.
  • In GS, revise your strong sections. Don’t read any new topics as you may lose your confidence level.
  • The questions you choose in the actual exam can make or break your chance of success. Choose questions wisely and smartly. Identify your strengths in sections and use them wisely. Similarly, identify your weaknesses and through this avoid committing mistakes during the exam. If you are not able to solve a particular question within a stipulated time, please leave it and move on to further questions.
  • In an exam like SSC CGL, its all about the presence of mind. Don’t just start attempting any questions without reading its instructions properly. Do not miss the crucial words in instructions. Sometimes, the essence of questions completely lies in instructions. So, make sure to read the instructions properly before attempting any question in the examination.
  • Solve previous year paper to be familiar with the pattern and level of exam. Previous year papers give a good idea of the level of questions to be asked in the examination. Prepare yourself accordingly.

3. Attempt Mock Test:

  • Attempting a quality online mock test will simulate an exact experience of the real exam. It will not only provide you with complete performance analysis but also create an actual test environment
  • An online Mock test will help you adjust in accordance with the online mode. It will help you improve your accuracy, speed and time management
  • The online mock test paper will help you increase your analytical & problem-solving capacity
  • Time management in an online exam plays a critical role. Online Mock Tests have a digital clock placed on the head of the screen. After practising mock tests online, a candidate is able to manage time properly
  • The complete solutions of online mock tests will help you analyse your weak areas. After every mock test, find out what exactly is needed to work/ improve on before appearing for the next mock test
  • The complete statistics of your attempt will help you know the section you are weak at. You will get to know the time taken by you to solve a particular section
  • The best thing about an online mock test is that after submitting it you will get to know where you stand among the fellow competitors. You will get to know the amount of extra effort you need to put in

4. Maintain Confidence:

  • If you are confident about your success, then you will surely achieve it
  • You will get confidence from your strong portions, so revise and practice your strong portions
  • To maintain your confidence level do some light exercises. Games or physical exercises are necessary to balance your physical and mental energy
  • If your energy level is balanced, then you feel highly confident, and it will help you handle exam pressure better
  • Have faith in yourself and you will be through. Have a positive attitude and keep yourself motivated. At the end of the day, it is only an exam

5. Time Management:

  • Time management is the key to success, so you must have proper time management planning
  • Don’t spend too much time on a single question; mark it for review and come back to it only in the end
  • Your main aim is to utilize every second of exam time, for this you need to have a proper strategy of attempting the question paper. Here is an indicative strategy, you can modify this according to your strengths and weaknesses :
    • First of all attempt reasoning section in the first 12-14 minutes.
    • Attempt GS portion in 8-10 minutes
    • Then attempt the English section in next 10-12 minutes.
    • In the last, Attempt Maths in 25 minutes
  • Leave the last 5 minutes to act as a buffer for the questions which you have marked for attempting in the end.

6. Relax your mind:

  • Don’t take too much stress on the difficulty level of the exam.
  • If the exam level is tough then it’s not only for you. Normalization is now the part of SSC CGL recruitment process. So, stay calm during the exam time and try to make the best of your attempts.
  • Make sure you get ample sleep in the last week, as it will help you in reducing your stress levels.
  • Do some yoga or meditation in the last week to keep your mind calm.

7. Important Points to Remember:

  • Always try to find out questions which are less time-consuming in each section. Make sure that you do not get stuck on any question and avoid spending too much time on a single question.
  • We advise you to attempt those questions first in which you are sure of your solutions as there is a negative marking of 0.50 in the exam. Blindly guessing the answers will not be fruitful.
  • Have a confident attitude and keep yourself positive.
  • We cannot stress the importance of sleeping enough! Make sure you are well rested so that your body doesn’t decide to rest at a time you need it the most!
  • The examination is to test the eligible candidate. Don’t panic if the questions are lengthy, apply your strategies and believe in yourself that you will crack the exam.

At last, always remember that –

Success is not an accident. It is the result of your attitude and hard work. So choose your path and work towards your destination with full determination.

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