Last Week Preparation Tips for RBI Grade B Mains 2021 Exam

By Rahul Shrivastava|Updated : March 26th, 2021

As very few days are left for the RBI Grade B Mains Exam to take place, we believe, you must be preparing well for the exam. Keeping in mind the shortage of days that you have for the Phase 2 exam, we have come with last week's preparation tips that will help you in preparing well for the RBI Grade B Mains 2021 exam. 

Last Week Preparation Strategy for RBI Grade B Mains

The final week can be the most stressful time for students, no matter what and how much they have studied for the exam. The tick-tock of the clock keeps disturbing them all the time. We understand this very well and that's why we have come up with some very important tips that will ensure that you’re well prepared for the upcoming RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam. 

Following are some of last week preparation tips that will help you conquer your finals with ease:

1. Do not go for reading new books - It is advised that you should not go for reading new books because covering the entire book in seven days will create extra pressure on you and at last, you will lose confidence. So, rather than going for a new book, revise whatever you have studied so far, again and again. 

2. Take Mock test every day - Taking Mock tests every day will help you understand the pattern of the questions asked in the exam as well as give you a real exam-type environment and practice which will help you enormously in your real exam.  

3. Attend the test review sessions - If you take mock tests then do not ignore the test review sessions. Taking the review sessions will make you know your faults and at the same time, it will help you in learning how to approach tough questions or apply short-cuts (if any). 

4. Create your own study schedule - You should make your own study schedule keeping the subjects or topics you are best at, at first. Never copy what others do as far as creating a study schedule is concerned because you know what you are best at and what areas you are weak in. 

5. Prioritize your study time - You should make sure that your study gets your maximum attention and time. You should prioritize your study time properly. 

6. Quiz yourself - After revising what you have studied, quiz yourself i.e., ask questions to yourself from whatever you have studied and analyze for yourself where do you need to improve and work on them.

7. Take proper breaks - Taking breaks is very important because a repetitive routine will hamper your concentration. Breaks help your mind get refreshed which is of supreme importance especially, in these last few days of the exam. 

8. Eat healthily - You should eat healthy food and avoid eating junk food. 

9. Read your self-made notes - If you have made your own notes then, you should revise them properly. Never look for others' notes or new notes from the internet because they will be new to you and memorizing them in such a short span of time will be troublesome for you. So, it's better that you study and revise what you have written for yourself. 

10. Play mind games - Play some mind games like Chess, Sudoku, Riddle solving, etc. to sharpen your mind and improve your creative and critical thinking ability which is very important for the RBI Grade B Main Exam. 

11. Revise data and facts & figures - Questions in the Economic & Social Issue and Finance & Management Sections of the RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam will be dealing with data and facts & figures so, you must learn all important data and facts pertaining to the related topics

12. Study with a fresh mind - Always start your study and revision with a fresh mind to grasp well. 

So, these are some of the very important last week's preparation tips for the RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam. Do follow these to ease your exam preparations. Make sure that these last few days are your revision days and not to start new topics or books. Have confidence in yourself, your efforts, and your learnings; these are going to help you sail successfully. 

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We wish you a very Happy and Prosperous Holi and all the best for your exam.

Good luck!

Sahi prep hai toh life set hai!


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