Last Minutes Tips to Prepare CDS 1 2023 Exam, Check Do's & Don't Here

By Vivek Chauhan|Updated : April 13th, 2023

Last Minutes Tips for CDS 1 2023 exam: The CDS Exam is around the corner and will be conducted on 16 April 2023. To help you at this very moment, we are providing some most important last-minute preparation tips to clear the CDS 1 2023 exam. It is a highly competitive exam with many applicants, so it becomes essential for candidates to prepare well for the exam and score good marks. We are here with the CDS last minutes tips along with the Do's and Don'ts guidelines for the upcoming exam.

The CDS exam for Indian Military Academy/Indian Naval Academy/Indian Air Force comprises 3 papers, which carry a total of 300 marks. The total duration of each exam is 2 hours. The exam for Officer Training Academy (OTA) consists of 2 subjects with a total of 200 Marks. The duration of the two exams is 4 hours (2 hours for each exam). Read further to check the CDS last-minute revision tips here.

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Important Last Minutes Tips for CDS 1 2023 Exam

Are you still confused about what to do at this very last minute for the CDS 1 2023 Exam? No need to panic. We will discuss important tips and tricks, do's and don'ts based on the experience & expert opinion that will help you to ace your exam. Check all the CDS last minute tips here shared by the subject matter experts of the defence exams.

Revisit the Topics with Factual Data

This advice is very useful for General Knowledge & Elementary Mathematics exams. Try to revise current affairs related to National, International, and Economic Affairs, all Defence-related major happenings, Military Exercises, Recent Awards, and Sports Events, National Parks, Dams, Rivers & Tributaries, Deserts, International organisations, etc. make a list of all the important formulas and facts that you can revise during the break in two exams or on the way to the exam centre.


Do Not Panic

Remain confident and don't panic at the last moment. If you will remain confident, then it will definitely help you during the examination and will provide you with an extra boost. The candidate should remain calm and relaxed in the exam hall. There are instances when students knew the correct answer but marked it wrong during the examination in a panic situation.

Say A Big Yes to Superfoods/Antioxidants

Your mind requires a lot of energy while studying & it is necessary tо tаke some suрerfооds like сereаls, аntiоxidаnts, green vegetаbles, giving роwer tо yоur brаin аnd аllоwing yоur brаin tо funсtiоn mоre effeсciently.

Do's & Don'ts for CDS 1 2023 Exam Day

Candidates need to focus on these points before appearing in the final examination. Following are the things that need you must avoid the Exam day to attempt the stress-free examination:

1. Don't be Late:

Please arrive at the exam center on time as the official document states that "Late arrivals are not allowed. If your CDS exam centre is located in another city, you must reach there before a day to get a feel for the location and other services.

2. Don't Forget To Bring Important Documents:

Gather all essential documents such as CDS 1 2023 Exam admission card, photo ID and all other required documents one night before the exam to remain comfortable and calm on the day of the CDS 1 2023 exam. Print a hard copy of the additional Hall Ticket for CDS 1 2023 to avoid any discrepancies.

CDS 1 2023 Admit Card Download - Click Here

3. Attempt Simple Questions First During the Examination:

You will definitely save time by solving the simple questions first. Don't get carried away with the complicated questions. This will require some time and you will not get enough time to attempt the complete question paper. Choose “Quality over quantity” when attempting the questions. There might be more easy questions after the tough ones.

4. Try to Avoid Guesswork

Try to solve those questions in which you are confident. Each question will give you a negative mark if you select the wrong answer. Make a proper strategy and attempt only those questions that will help you to clear your exam cutoff. Саndidаtes generаlly try tо inсreаse the number оf аttemрts by seleсting аnswer with guesswоrk whiсh leаds tо them lоwscore as the exam comes with a negative marking.

Best of luck for the examination!

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FAQs on CDS Last Minute Tips

  • No, You don't need to carry original marksheet to the exam center. Below is the list of items required top carry at exam center.

    • Printout of UPSC CDS Admit Card
    • Black ball point pen
    • 2 passport size photographs
  • You can download the UPSC CDS Admit card from the official website of the Union Public Service Commission. It was released on 10 August 2022 for all those who filled out the application form for CDS 2 2022.

  • No, UPSC will not provide any travel allowance to aspirants to reach the exam center. You have to made your own travel arrangements to visit the exam center.

  • You should eat. Your mind requires a lot of energy while studying & it is necessary tо tаke some suрerfооds like сereаls, аntiоxidаnts, green vegetаbles, giving роwer tо yоur brаin аnd аllоwing yоur brаin tо funсtiоn mоre efficiently.

  • Byju's Exam Prep wishes you the best of luck for your upcoming exam and also suggest you to keep calm and trust your handwork & dedication while attempting the exam.

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