Last Minute Tips to Crack MPPSC Prelims 2023 Exam

By Trupti Thool|Updated : May 19th, 2023

Last Minute Tips to Crack MPPSC Prelims 2023: MPPSC State Service Examination (Preliminary round) is scheduled to be held on 21 May 2023. With few days remaining for the examination, it is very crucial to take the right steps and not sabotage the whole year's preparation in confusion. In this article, you will find tips on how to handle these last 06 days to be successful in MPPSC 2023 Prelims Exam.

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Last Minute Tips to Crack MPPCS Prelims 2023

  • Consolidate your study material made for revision - The last month prior to the preliminary examination should be devoted to revision and practice only. For this purpose, students should carefully choose the revision material to be studied in the last 10 Days. This material should be short and crisp with lots of flow charts, schematics, diagrams, and maps.
  • Avoid studying new topics - In these last 10 days, students should concentrate on revising the already studied topics and concepts. Studying new topics can be time-consuming and difficult to memorize which will trigger panic and anxiety. In addition to this, one should remember the cut-off for prelims examination is generally around 70-75% of the total marks. Hence, aspirants can afford to leave a few topics.

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  • Revision and Practice - A student should try to revise short notes of each and every topic in the last 10 days that have been studied thoroughly earlier. Further, the revised topics and knowledge should be tested with practice and mock tests. It's a great possibility that if a student attempts 10 MPPSC mock tests in the last month he would be able to get 5-6 similar questions in the examination. However, it is advised not to take up the test in the last 2-3 days before the exam. It might end up lowering the Morale and affecting performance in the actual exam.
  • Time management - Revision and practice time should be carefully distributed among all the static subjects and current affairs.
  • Revision of current affairs - As current affairs is a dynamic part; a student should give a quick revision to current affairs of prior months. It will help him to recall facts and data which can be asked in the exam.
  • How to handle anxiety and stress - Every aspirant feels anxious in the last week and goes through horrifying thoughts. One should have faith and confidence in whatever they have studied. Tough or Easy, however, the paper is, it is the same for everyone. Trust your preparation and go into the exam hall with a calm mind. That is the trick to success in MPPSC Prelims.

Exam Day Tips for MPPSC Prelims 2023

  • Ensure that you have a hard copy of your MPPSC Admit Card and an original copy of a government-issued ID the day before the examination itself.
  • Find the location of your examination center and reach there at least an hour before the Entry Time.
  • Objects like digital watches, Phones, Belts, etc. are not allowed inside the examination hall.
  • Keep an extra Ball Point Pen in case of failure of the first one.
  • Every candidate must take their own water bottle, Mask, and Hand Sanitizer and must maintain social distancing in the exam hall.
  • Do not try to study anything new on the morning of your examination. Trust the Preparation that you have done so far.


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FAQs on Last Minute Tips to Crack MPPSC Prelims Exam

  • Candidates appearing for MPPSC 2023 Prelims exam must practice MPPSC mock test. This will help you in revising the syllabus as per the exam pattern.

  • The MPPSC Exam is the most coveted exam in India. With the Prelims approaching, the last-minute tips come in handy. The 5 Important Tips to Crack MPPSC Prelims Exam 2023 at the Last Minute:

    • Be positive.
    • Keep your mind calm.
    • Don’t study or write mock tests days before the Exam.
    • Eat Healthy & Stay Healthy.
    • Read questions carefully and then do bubbling in the OMR Sheet.
  • Taking quality mock tests will help you know MPPSC better. You will have a better understanding of the exam pattern. You will also get to know where you stand in terms of your competition as many of these test series are taken by many students, and you can get your ranking among them.

  • Many questions are asked by the MPPSC from Indian Polity. In last-minute preparation, our main focus should be on the good scoring subject such as Economy, History, Current Affairs, etc.

  • The best approach to get maximum marks in GS Paper 1 is that you revise the whole syllabus thoroughly and also try to solve last year's papers, mock tests etc

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