Last Minute Tips for UPPSC AE Exam: Check Last Minute Exam Strategy

By Ashwani Jain|Updated : May 27th, 2022

Last-Minute Important tips for UPPSC AE Exam: UPPSC AE Exam will commence on 29th May 2022. Only a few days are left for the UPPSC AE exam. Last Minute Important tips boost your confidence and make your preparation better before appearing in the UPPSC AE exam. Candidates usually prepare dedicatedly and honestly for the exam but due to a lack of a last-minute plan, they are unable to deliver their best on the actual exam day. So there must be a doubt in the mind about "how to prepare for the UPPSC AE exam at the last minute?"

In this article, We are going to share the last-minute tips for the UPPSC AE exam as well as the exam day strategy for UPPSC AE. The UPPSC AE Exam last-minute tips & exam strategies will help you all give the final touch to crack UPPSC AE 2022 Exam. Do go through the last-minute UPPSC AE tips to make sure that you do not miss out on the Do's and don’ts for the UPPSC AE exam.

Important Last Minute Tips for UPPSC AE 2022 Exam:

Below given are some expert-curated last-minute important preparation tips for UPPSC AE. Follow them to be exam-ready.

  • Do Not Start New Topics- Aspirants should not start any new topics before the last days of the exam. Preparing for a new topic in the last days will only lead to confusion and this will affect your preparation & performance. 
  • Practice the Topics- Last days of UPPSC AE preparation are really crucial. Revise the entire UPPSC AE syllabus and the topics to make sure everything is covered that is mentioned in the official UPPSC AE syllabus. Try practicing the higher weightage topics first in order to get a good hold of them.
  • Revision- Make a short notes of important formulas & concepts for yourself which has all the tricks that you would need for your last-minute revision. Preparing sticky notes will also be helpful for the last minute revision. This will brush up your preparation and will help avoid the last-minute confusion.
  • UPPSC AE Exam Previous Year Papers: Going through the UPPSC AE previous year question papers gives the confidence to tackle the actual UPPSC AE examination. Sometimes last-minute revised questions may be seen in the actual examination. 
  • UPPSC AE Mock Tests: Attempt test series and mock test based on the latest UPPSC AE exam pattern. It gives you an idea about your preparation and you can also identify your weak and strong areas. Revise your weak topic first so you can score high in the UPPSC AE exam.
  • Improve Speed and Accuracy- Speed is really important. The one hour of your exam time further goes on to decide your selection. Accuracy is equally crucial. Both these factors will help to score maximum, so improving these ought to be on your list throughout, even on your last day of preparation.
  • Analyze Yourself- Well, throughout the time of UPPSC AE syllabus completion, you would already know about your strong & weak areas. Now, in the last days of exam preparation, make peace with it. If you think of a topic and get absolutely puzzled about it so you better leave it to avoid further tension.
  • Stick to the Time Table- Make an effective revision timetable for yourself and make sure you stick to that. The timetable should be such that you have equally divided the time into all the sections and can able to cover the entire UPPSC AE syllabus within the time. 
  • Stay Calm- The time before the UPPSC AE exam is going to be extremely stressful but don’t be too hard on yourself. If you take unnecessary stress then the whole situation will get worse which affects your performance in the UPPSC AE exam and you won’t be able to give your 100%.
  • Always Be Motivated: In order to crack the UPPSC AE Exam, Never lose motivation. Talk to your mantor if you're feeling low on confidence at the last minute of exam.

Major Do’s and Don’t for the UPPSC AE Exam –

  • Do not spend too much time on any questions that are hard to solve.
  • At the last minute of the exam, revise from your short notes. 
  • Do not try any new topic that is difficult to read.
  • Go through important formula notes.
  • Sleep well the night before the exam.
  • Do not panic at the last minute of the exam.
  • Do not take unnecessary stress. Keep calm & stay positive.
  • Keep distance from negative and irrelevant topics.
  • Arrange and collect all the necessary items to be carried to the examination center a day before the exam. 

BYJU'S Exam Prep wishes you the best of luck for your UPPSC AE Exam.

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Last Minute Tips for UPPSC AE Exam FAQs

  • Here some of the most important preparation tips to prepare for the UPPSC AE Exam 2022 are given below: 

    • UPPSC AE Mock Tests & Test Series
    • Analyze Yourself
    • Stay Positive

    Check this article to know all the revision tips.

  • Yes, UPPSC AE mock exams are important for exam preparation because it will help you improve your speed and accuracy. It also helps you to identify your strong & weak areas so that you can focus on your weak areas and revise them well. 

  • You should revise your short notes which you have prepared during your entire UPPSC AE preparation time also you should have your own tricks to revise complete syllabus in a very short time with the help of your short notes. In the last days of the exam you should focus on important formulas and concepts.

  • In the UPPSC AE exam 2022, try to stay calm, study questions carefully, take care of your health, and keep revising the formulas & concepts and also careful while answering all the questions in the examination hall because sometimes aspirants marked wrong answer in hurry.

  • You should check in the last few minutes of the UPPSC AE that you have answered all the questions and also review all the questions which you have marked for review.

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