Last Minute Revision Tips for UKPSC JE Exam

By Ashwani Jain|Updated : May 6th, 2022

Last-Minute Revision Tips are very important while appearing in any examination. Last Minute Revision tips boost your confidence and make your preparation better before appearing in the exam. The UKPSC JE Exam is going to be held on 7th May to 10th May 2022. Very few days are left for the UKPSC JE exam and with 776 vacancies, this is a great opportunity to avail of the job as an Junior Engineer, As a result, candidates must give the exam their all. Important revision tips can make candidates score better in UKPSC JE 2022 and finally result in selection for the UKPSC JE post.

The importance of last-minute revision tips for the UKPSC JE exam is highlighted in this article. The revision tips for the UKPSC JE Exam 2022 will help you improve your exam scores significantly. Continue reading to learn more.

Important Revision Tips for UKPSC JE Exam 2022

We have provided some very important revision tips for the UKPSC JE exam that will come in handy for you before the exam. 

  • Do not start a new topic or subject in the last days of the exam.
  • Revise all the high weightage subjects first from your study notes, as well as the formula notes.
  • To keep up with the pace, do at least one mock test per day on the latest exam pattern of UKPSC JE.
  • Keep your health in check and relax. Avoid late-night studies and get a good night's sleep.
  • Keep motivated, Have faith in yourself, and surround yourself with good people.

Important Last Minute Revision Tips for UKPSC JE Exam 2022

Here are some of the steps for last-minute revision tips to crack the UKPSC JE Exam.

1. Revise:

  • Revise all the topics which have major weightage in UKPSC JE Exam Pattern. More revision will help you to accurately answer questions, which increases your chances of being chosen in UKPSC JE. As a result, candidates should focus on revision during the final days of the exam.

2. UKPSC JE Exam Previous Year Papers: 

  • Going through the UKPSC JE previous year question papers gives the confidence to tackle the actual UKPSC JE examination. Sometimes last-minute revised questions may be seen in the real examination. This gives you confidence that you can handle the paper easily. 

3. UKPSC JE Mock Tests & Test Series: 

  • Attempt test series and mock test based on the latest UKPSC JE exam pattern. It gives you an idea about your preparation and you can also identify your weak and strong areas. Revise your weak topic first so you can score high in the UKPSC JE exam.

4. Quick Revision Notes: 

  • Only short notes prepared by you during your UKPSC JE preparation time can be revised at the last minute. As a result, you should have your own tricks to revise the complete UKPSC JE syllabus in a very short time with the help of your short notes.

5. Strategy to Approach the UKPSC JE Exam:

  • You should have clear plans in mind before appearing in the UKPSC JE exam. You know your strong and weak topics in all categories, so it is smart tips to attempt those topics first in which you are strong and then attempt other questions which you left unanswered.

6. Keep Away from Distraction: 

  • Distractions must be avoided at all costs during the last days of UKPSC JE exam preparation. If you do this, you will be able to maintain your calm and do your best in the last days of the examination.

BYJU'S Exam Prep wishes you All the best for your UKPSC JE Exam.

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Last Minute Revision Tips FAQs

  • The following are the Last Minute Revision Tips for the UKPSC JE exam. 1. UKPSC JE Mock Test & Test Series 2. Follow Your Short Notes for Revision 3. Attempt Previous Years Papers Check this article to know more. 

  • You can maximize your attempts in the UKPSC JE Exam by attempting easy questions or that questions in which you are confident first and then moving to hard ones at last and not getting stuck on one question.

  • You should revise your short notes which you have prepared during your preparation time also you should have your own tricks to revise complete syllabus in a very short time with the help of your short notes. In the last days of the exam you should focus on important formulas and concepts.

  • No, you should not read a new topic before 1 or 2 days of the exam. Because it gives you unnecessary stress and also effect your confidence before the exam. Revise what you have studied and believe in yourself.

  • You should check in the last few minutes of the UKPSC JE that you have answered all the questions and also review all the questions which you have marked for review.

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