Last 15 Days Preparation Strategy to Crack GATE 2022 Exam

By Mona Kumari|Updated : January 27th, 2022

GATE or Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is really close. As the admit cards are released, students have tightened their seat belts and are preparing hard. A few extra efforts can be a real game-changer for the GATE preparing students. 

A small improvement in the ranks can be really helpful to the students for a bright future ahead. In this article, we will explore a few really important 15 days preparation strategies that students shall follow to achieve good ranks.

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15 Days Preparation Strategy for GATE 2022

IIT Kharagpur has released the notification that the GATE exam will not be postponed amidst of Covid spread. The exam will be conducted on the already set dates. GATE 2022 Admit cards are also released. With more than 8 Lakhs applicants for the GATE exam, it will be highly competitive. At this crucial time, candidates shall follow the given tips on how to approach the GATE 2022 exam to improve their ranks and GATE score.

Solve Numerical Problems as Much as Possible

Numerical problems are the pivotal part of the p[reparation of the GATE exam. It is important to practice numerical problems as much as possible. Allot special time for numerical problems only. Use the GATE virtual calculator to calculate the results. 

Revise Every Day until the Day of Examination

In the last 15 days, students are advised to not start new topics or concepts. Only revise what you have already prepared. If really necessary then only pick new topics. Revise all the formulas separately. Keep them in your tips. Try not to get confused or stressed by the vast syllabus.

Allot special time for revision of important topics. Give extra care to such topics. Don't leave revision of easy topics. Revise easy and short topics as well. Revise easy concepts as well.

Clear Doubts and Concepts

Try clearing doubts in the first 10 days itself. Avoid leaving any doubt for the last 5 days. Practice more to clear the concepts. Try to overcome the doubts as and when interacted. Use the help of elders or teachers to clear the doubts at once. 

Sit and Attempt Live Mock Tests 

Students are advised to sit and give the 3-hour long real GATE exam-based mock test paper daily in the last 15 days. Only sit for the live exams. Try to attempt them as similar to the real GATE exam. This practice will be really beneficial for the day of the GATE exam. 


Meditation is suggested to the GATE appearing students as the preparation phase can be really tiring and demotivating for them. Try to keep yourself stress-free and believe in your preparation. Trust the number of hours you have put behind the preparation.

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  • GATE is a really competitive exam The syllabus is vast and challenging. Cracking the GATE exam in 10 days is really difficult but can be achieved.

  • Starting preparation early, revising every day, remembering formulas, attempting mock tests, solving previous year question papers, and clearing doubt when faded is known to be the best strategy for the GATE exam.

  • In the last 5 days, revise every day. Solve as many numerical problems as possible. Give mock tests. Keep yourself motivated.

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