Last 15 days strategy to crack GATE ECE

By Mona Kumari|Updated : January 24th, 2022

The GATE ECE exam is around the corner and students are really excited to achieve a good rank in the GATE exam. Students are advised to not waste any of their precious time and focus merely on the GATE exam. In this article, we will try to find out some important strategies that will be beneficial for students to crack the GATE easy exam. 

According to IIT Kharagpur, the GATE ECE exam is being conducted on the already decided date and will not be postponed. Students preparing for GATE ECE 2022 are advised to invest their precious time with care. Small extra efforts can be really life-changing for the candidates. 

Tips to Crack GATE ECE in 15 days

GATE ECE(Electronics and Communication Engineering) is scheduled to be conducted in February 2022. The GATE exam is near and students are achieving to rank high in the GATE ECE exam. In the last 15 days, students are advised to follow the given tips to score better in the GATE exam

Let us see a few important tips that candidates can follow to crack GATE ECE.

  • Attempt Full-length GATE ECE Mock Test papers
  • Solve GATE ECE Numericals 
  • Revise all the GATE ECE topics completely as many times as possible
  • Avoid starting new or confusing topics 

Attempt Full-length GATE ECE Mock Test papers

In the last 15 days try attempting at least 20 full-length GATE ECE mock test papers. Mock test papers are very advantageous in various ways. It will help in increasing the speed of solving numerical calculations. Improve the numerical clarity. Helps in understanding the GATE virtual calculator.  

Solve GATE ECE Numericals

Solving numerical problems is a must. Try solving as many numerical problems as possible. In this crucial time, it is important to not waste time and only focus on the really necessary tasks. Numerical problems are a pivotal part of the GATE ECE preparation. They target all three types of questions that are asked in the exam i.e., MCQ, MSQ, and NAT. 

Revise all the GATE ECE topics completely as many times as possible

Revision is a mandatory part of the GATE ECE preparation. Revise each and every topic that you have prepared. Revision of the complete syllabus is suggested. Revise important GATE ESE formulas every day so that you can recall them easily and quickly on the day of the examination.

Avoid starting new topics 

In the last 15 days, starting new ECE topics is not advised. Only prepare already studied concepts. Don't waste any minute on the new concepts. If you start new concepts, it will only increase confusion and discomfort with the preparation. 

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  • GATE ESE is a tough and highly competitive exam. Preparing for this exam in 20 days is very difficult. But it depends on the student as well. It is tough but not impossible.

  • In the last 10 days, only revise, solve numerical problems and keep yourself free from stress. DO not start new topics. Prepare what is already prepared.

  • Scoring more in GATE ECE can be done by multiple revisions. Attempting mock tests and solving practice papers is recommended to improve GATE score.

  • In the last week of the GATE exam only focus on the revision and mock test papers. In the last week, trust your preparation and only revise.

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