Largest Salt Water Lake in India

By Komal|Updated : July 14th, 2022

Chilika lake is situated on the east coast of India and connected to the Bay of Bengal through a narrow sea mouth, Chilika is also a lagoon. And like all coastal lagoons, its waters are rich with life. Chilika lake is the largest brackish Water Lagoon with an estuarine character that sprawls along the east coast. Chilika lake is the largest wintering ground for migratory waterfowl found anywhere on the Indian sub-continent.

Answer -  The largest saltwater lake in India is Chilika lake.

Chilika Lagoon lies in the districts of Puri, Khurda, and Ganjam of Odisha State along the eastern coast of India. It is well connected to Chennai and Kolkata through National Highway No 5, and the Chennai Kolkata rail line passes along the western bank of the Lagoon Balugaon, with Balugaon, Chilika, and Rambha being the main stations along the Western shoreline of the lagoon. Chilika lies about 50 km southwest of the city of Puri from where it is connected by road up to Satpara on the eastern bank. Chilika is a shallow lagoon with an estuarine character. It can be divided into four ecological sectors i.e. the Northern, Central, Southern, and Outer Channels. The major part of the lagoon (the Nothern sector) has a depth of less than 50 cm, while the maximum depth of 3.7m is encountered in the central sector.


Largest Saltwater Lake in India

The largest saltwater lake in India is Chilika lake. Chilika lake is one of the hotspots of biodiversity in the country, and some rare, vulnerable, and endangered species listed on the IUCN Red List of threatened Animals inhabit the lagoon for at least part of their life cycle.


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