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By Shubhra Anand Jain|Updated : May 17th, 2022

Konkani Literature Books for UPSC play a significant role in exam preparation of the candidates who have opted UPSC Konkani optional subject. Candidates who have chosen Konkani as their optional subject need to have the best books for Konkani optional UPSC that would help them to cover the Konkani syllabus in organized manner. However, when it comes to the Konkani Literature Books for UPSC there are not many options available out there. But fortunately, UPSC has mentioned reading a few texts for the Konkani optional paper.

In this post, we are going to uncover the highly recommended UPSC Konkani optional books for both paper-1 and paper-2 that would give a head-start to the candidates. Additionally below we will also mention the best way to prepare with the Konkani books.

Konkani Literature Books for UPSC

Every serious aspirant knows that there are two papers for the optional subject in the UPSC exam. As we have mentioned above that for paper-2 UPSC has given a list of texts to be followed. Candidates have to focus on these prescribed texts only. However, UPSC Konkani optional books for paper-1 are different.

Paper-1 of the Konkani literature syllabus includes Konkani language history and Konkani literature history. For paper-1 candidates need to be familiar with the social and cultural background of the Konkani language, and origin and development of the language Etc. For Paper-1 candidates can follow some basic Konkani books, and graduation-level books to gain insight into the Konkani language. However, the following texts are prescribed by UPSC for paper-2.

Konkani Literature Texts for Section-A (Prose Paper 2)

Konkani Manasagangotri (excluding poetry) ed. by Prof : Olivinho Gomes.

Old Konkani language and literature- The Portuguese Role

Otmo Denvcharak- a novel by A. V. da Cruz

Vadoll ani Varem- a novel by Antonio Pereira.

Devache Kurpen- a novel by V.J.P. Saldanha

Vajralikhani- Shenoy goem-bab- An anthology- ed. by Shantaram Varde Valavalikar

Konkani Lalit Niband-Essays-ed. by Shyam Verenkar

Teen Dasakam- An anthology- ed. by Chandrakant Keni

Demand-Drama- by Pundalik Naik.

Kadambini: A Miscellany of Modern Prose- ed. by Prof. O.J.F. Gomes and Smt. P.S. Tadkodkar.

Ratha Tujeo Ghudieo by Smt. Jayanti Naik

Konkani literature books for upsc

Konkani Literature Books for UPSC PDF

We have covered all those above-mentioned book names in a PDF file. Candidates can download the PDF file directly from the given link below. It would help the candidates to focus on the texts that are only required for the Konkani optional.

>> Download UPSC Konkani Optional Literature Booklist PDF

How to Prepare with Konkani Literature Books for UPSC

Without a solid strategy, it is not possible to crack the UPSC Exam. The strategy becomes even more important when it comes to covering the UPSC Books. It would be tough to cover efficiently in a limited period of time and that’s why it is recommended to follow a robust study schedule. Below we will mention some highly effective strategies that would help the candidates to cover the Konkani Literature Books for UPSC easily.

  • It is not possible to start if you don’t know what to study or what topics you need to cover for any subject for the UPSC exam. That is why we recommend candidates go through the UPSC Konkani syllabus first. As it will give a clear picture of the topics to be covered.
  • After knowing about the topics, it is time to start covering the books. Make sure you focus on the writing style of the books so that you can write the answers in a better way.
  • Don’t forget to make short notes while reading a book. It will give you an extra advantage during the revision period.
  • Ensure to maintain a balance between the optional paper preparation and the preparation for UPSC Prelims Syllabus, or UPSC Mains Syllabus.
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Konkani Literature Books for UPSC FAQs

  • Konkani language is majorly used in coastal Karnataka, Goa, and Maharashtra and the candidates who have opted for this subject must have a deep understanding of the Konkani language. Fortunately, UPSC has mentioned a few texts for Paper-2 of the Konkani literature optional syllabus. For paper-1 candidates can follow some basic level Konkani Literature Books for UPSC.

  • Those who want to download a list of the best books for Konkani optional UPSC can download it from here. It will definitely help the candidates to select the top-rated books for Konkani literature.

  • Fortunately, the Union Public Service Commission has given a list of all the prescribed texts for optional paper-2. However, for Paper-1 candidates need to have a solid grasp of the Konkani language and they must follow some basic Konkani language books available in the market. They can search online, or ask anyone who has opted for the same optional subject.

  • Candidates need a rock-solid strategy when it comes to covering any optional subject book. They must prepare a robust study schedule first, and go through the Konkani syllabus to gain an in-depth understanding of the topics covered in it. Additionally, they are required to make hand-written notes of the core points which will help them while revising the topics.

  • Yes, it is possible to complete the UPSC Konkani optional books in 3 months with a solid stagey, and robust schedule. However, the candidates must have a deep understanding of the Konkani language. But it is advised to complete the book as early as possible so that you will get enough time for the revision.

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