Kaziranga national park is famous for?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 5th, 2022

One of India's most well-known parks, Kaziranga National Park, is notable for its one-horned rhinoceros. One of India's first protected areas is Kaziranga National Park. It is situated in the northeast Indian state of Assam's Karbi Anglong district, in the towns of Golaghat and Nagaon.

Kaziranga National Park

  • The Assam State Government's forest department is in charge of managing the park.
  • Elephants, swamp deer, wild water buffalo, etc., can also be found in the park. Its floral diversity is very extensive.
  • Its fauna includes 15 endangered species. Numerous big cat species, including Bengal tigers and leopards, also breed there.
  • It is recognized by Birdlife International as an "Important Bird Area" and is home to numerous bird species.
  • About 2413 rhinos live in the park.

One-horned Rhinoceros

  • The IUCN Red List classifies it as Vulnerable.
  • India's Kaziranga National Park remains a crucial reserve for this species, housing at least half of the rhino population.
  • The bigger one-horned rhino is distinguished by a single, 8–25-inch-long black horn and a grey-brown hide with skin folds that gives it the appearance of armor plating.
  • They graze largely and consume mostly grasses, leaves, shrub and tree branches, fruit, and aquatic vegetation.


Kaziranga national park is famous for?

Kaziranga National Park, one of India's most well-known parks, is famous for housing one-horned rhinos. The larger one-horned rhinoceros and African white rhinos are the biggest of all rhino species. It is the largest of the three Asian rhinos.


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