JSSC JE 30 Days Civil Engineering Quiz Study Plan: Check Daily Updated Quizzes!

By Ashwani Jain|Updated : June 24th, 2022

30 Days Study Plan for JSSC JE Civil 2022 Exam: The Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission (JSSC) released the notification for the recruitment of Junior Engineers in Civil/Electrical/Mechanical Engineering discipline to fill the vacancy of 1289 posts in the Jharkhand state. Many of you are eagerly waiting for JE Vacancies and want to give your best to crack the JSSC JE 2022 exam.

Now it's time to step up your preparation and prepare for JSSC JE Exam in the best possible way. Proper revision, study plan, and quiz practice will always put you ahead of the competition over other aspirants and it will also increase your confidence.

Seeing the importance of the JSSC JE exam, BYJU'S Exam Prep is bringing a 30 Days Civil Engineering Quiz Study plan for the JSSC JE Exam which focuses on providing the quizzes on the latest pattern of JSSC JE to ace this exam. This will give you an advantage over the other aspirants.

JSSC JE Exam: 30 Days Quiz Study Plan for Civil Engineering

The detailed Schedule of the 30 Days Civil Engineering quiz study Plan for the preparation for the JSSC JE Exam is given below. We will update the quiz link as per the schedule. 

30 Days Civil Engineering Quiz Study Plan for JSSC JE



Study Notes


Quiz Link


Transportation Engineering

Traffic Studies on Flow, Speed & Volume

27 May 2022

Attempt Now


Design of pavement

28 May 2022

Attempt Now


Highway Materials

29 May 2022

Attempt Now


Railway Engineering & Airport & Docks and Harbour

30 May 2022

Attempt Now



Principle of Surveying, Maps & Scale

31 May 2022

Attempt Now


Chain Surveying & Levelling

1 June 2022

Attempt Now


Traversing and Triangulation survey

2 June 2022

Attempt Now


Tacheometry and Curves

3 June 2022

Attempt Now


Building Materials


4 June 2022

Attempt Now



5 June 2022

Attempt Now



6 June 2022

Attempt Now


Timber, Lime and Other Materials

7 June 2022

Attempt Now


Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Properties

8 June 2022

Attempt Now


Fluid Kinematics

9 June 2022

Attempt Now


Fluid Dynamics and Flow Measurements

10 June 2022

Attempt Now


Pumps and Turbines

11 June 2022

Attempt Now



Limit State Method of Design

12 June 2022

Attempt Now


Shear, Torsion & Bond and Development Length

13 June 2022

Attempt Now


Design of Beam & Design of Slabs

14 June 2022

Attempt Now


Design of Column & Footings

15 June 2022

Attempt Now


Soil Mechanics

Properties of Soils & Classification and Structure of Soil

16 June 2022

Attempt Now


Compaction of Soil & Stress distribution in soils

17 June 2022

Attempt Now


Principle of Effective Stress & Darcy's Law and 1D-Permeability

18 June 2022

Attempt Now


Consolidation and Compressibility

19 June 2022

Attempt Now


Shear Strength of Soil

20 June 2022

Attempt Now


Earth Pressure Theories

21 June 2022

Attempt Now


Irrigation & Hydrology Engineering

Precipitation, Evaporation and Evapotranspiration

22 June 2022

Attempt Now


Hydrographs and its Analysis

23 June 2022

Attempt Now


Types of Irrigation Systems & Water Requirements of Crops

24 June 2022

Attempt Now


Lacey, Kennedy and Design of Lined and Unlined Canal

25 June 2022

Attempt Now

Benefits of the "30 Days Quiz Study Plan for JSSC JE Exam”: Civil Engineering

With primarily focused on the JSSC JE exam 2022 this study plan has been designed by BYJU'S Exam Prep team of experts. This plan will be updated on a daily basis, therefore, candidates should keep a track of it. Here are some key benefits listed for the aspirants who follow this JSSC JE study plan regularly.

Daily Updated Quizzes: In this article, you will get daily updated subject-wise quizzes based on the latest JSSC JE exam pattern according to the plan mentioned above.

Level of Questions: The Quiz plan contains the best question on the particular topic that is prepared by the subject experts of our team as per the level of the JSSC JE Exam. You can practice the quizzes and boost your preparation level.

Speed & Accuracy: By attempting these quizzes, aspiring students can improve their speed & accuracy, which is very important from the examination point of view. 

Exam-like Environment: This quiz study plan will give you an exam-like environment. If you follow this quiz study plan then your complete JSSC JE syllabus will be covered with an extra edge of practicing and solving questions from each topic in a timely manner before the exam.

Check your Preparation: By attempting daily quizzes, you can analyze your level of preparation and you can identify your strong and weak areas. After analyzing, you can improve your weak areas by giving extra time to that topics.

Time Management: This quiz study plan is designed based on the latest JSSC JE exam pattern with the same time limit as per JSSC JE. Aspirants can practice daily quizzes and improve their time management skills.

Motive of this Plan: The main motive to provide the JSSC JE daily quiz is to help aspirants attain the required speed and accuracy needed to timely finish the JSSC JE paper.

Practicing daily Civil Engineering quizzes help you to evaluate your preparedness and boosts your confidence. Moreover, these quizzes provide you with real-time experience and exposure to types of questions that can be asked in the exam. So bookmark this article and practice quiz for JSSC JE Civil Engineering Exam daily with BYJU's Exam Prep at FREE OF COST!

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JSSC JE 30 Days Civil Engineering Quiz Study Plan FAQs

  • There are a lot of benefits of this 30 days Civil Engineering quiz study plan. but the prime benefit is the revision of JSSC JE exam syllabus through the daily quizzes and you can also improve your speed & accuracy and time management skills.   

  • BYJU'S Exam Prep team of experts has prepared this JSSC JE Civil Engineering quiz study plan based on the latest pattern of JSSC JE. You can practice the quizzes and boost your preparation level. 

  • Yes, a candidate can practice the complete important topics of the JSSC JE exam syllabus through the online quizzes. But to learn every topic of the syllabus, candidates have to put in some extra effort from his side.

  • This 30 days Civil Engineering quiz study plan for the JSSC JE exam will contain daily quizzes to boost the JSSC JE exam preparation. This plan will be updated on a daily basis as per the schedule, therefore, candidates should keep a track of it.

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