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Question 1

The basic assumptions of unit hydrograph theory are:

Question 2

What will be the immediate settlement of a column footing 1.5 m diameter that is constructed upon an unsaturated clay layer, given that total load carried by the column is 225 KN: modulus of elasticity of soil= 1000 KPa; Poisson’s ratio=0.25.

Assume the footing to be rigid and influence factor If as 0.8

Question 3

What will be the maximum upper limit of BOD of a glucose solution of concentration 300 mg/l?

Question 4

A slab of depth 200 mm is designed as per IS: 456. The bond stress is 0.87 MPa for M20 grade of concrete and Fe415 grade of steel. The development length in tension using 20 mm diameter longitudinal bars is

Question 5

The rolled steel I – sections are most commonly used as beams because these provide:

1- large moment of inertia with less cross-sectional area

2- greater lateral stability

Question 6

Pick up the correct statement from the following

Question 7

Pick up the incorrect statement from the following.

Question 8

Given µ = 0.06 poise and ρ = 0.9 gm/cm3, what is the value of kinematic viscosity in stokes?

Question 9

A turbine generates the power of 150,000 kW while working at the speed of 300 rpm at the head of 100 m. What is the specific speed of the turbine?

Question 10

The area of a field found to be 2000 m2 when measured with a 30 m tape. Determine the correct area if the tape was found to be 0.30 m too short?
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