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Question 1

The water which can be utilized by the crops from the soil is called

Question 2

The volume of an embankment having a total length of L and cross section areas of four sections at an interval of H are A1, A2, A3, A4 using the trapezoidal method is _________

Question 3

The melting point of asbestos fibre is

Question 4

Consider the following characteristics:

a) Effective size: 0.5 mm

b) Uniformity coefficient: 2.5

c) Filtration rate: 5.0 m3/m2/h

Which of the above values are correct in respect to rapid sand filter?

Question 5

A raft foundation with basement floor is placed at a depth of 4 m below the ground level. The superstructure imposes a load of 150 KN/m2 on the raft. The unit weight of the soil is 20 KN/m3 on the raft. What are the values of the gross and net loading pressure on the soil respectively?

Question 6

A linear reservoir is one in which

Question 7

Keeping the depth d constant, the width of a cantilever of length l of uniform strength loaded with a uniformly distributed load w varies from zero at the free end and

Question 8

A hinged supported in a real beam

Question 9

Calculate the true reduced level (m) of a point A after correcting the refraction and curvature. The staff reading at the point taken from an instrument set at a distance of 2 km from the point A is 2.56 m. The staff reading from the same station on a bench mark of reduced level is 100 m is .34 m.

Question 10

The main cause of inadequate stability of bitumen mix doesn’t include

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