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Question 1

The phenomenon of generation of lift by rotating an object placed in a free stream is known as

Question 2

The purpose of constructing a ‘Groyne’ is to

Question 3

What is the TON for a sample of water that requires 124 ml of distilled water in a total mixture volume of 200 ml to an odour level that is just perceptible :

Question 4

The shear force diagram of a single overhanging beam is shown in figure. One simple support is at end A . The ‘total’ downward load acting on the beam is

Question 5

Which one of the given options are not the cause of premature stiffening or hardening in cement.

Question 6

The correct option regarding signal is

Question 7

If ratio of  is more then limiting value  then section is

Question 8

An RCC column of 4 m length is rigidly connected to the slab and to the foundation. Its cross-section is (400 × 400) mm2. The column will behave is a/an

Question 9

A sand sample has a porosity of 30% and specific gravity of solids as 2.6. What is its degree of saturation at moisture content of 4.94%?

Question 10

As per IS 1893 – 2002 Part – 1, the Zone factor for Zone III is :
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