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Question 1

A structural member carrying a pull of 700 KN is connected to a gusset plate using rivets. If the pulls required to shear the rivet, to crush the rivet and to tear the plate per pitch length are respectively 60 KN, 35 KN and 70 KN, then the number of rivets required will be :

Question 2

On which of the following does the correct proportion of ingredients of concrete depend upon?

Question 3

Disinfection of drinking water is done to remove

Question 4

If a structure has total 10 joints, then what should be the minimum no. of joints in which equilibrium equations should be concurrently satisfied for stability?

Question 5

Which one is CORRECT about streamlined body?

Question 6

The function of shear key in design of retaining wall is :

Question 7

For a culturable command area of 800 hectare with intensity of 75%, the duty on the field for a certain crop is 1000 hectare/cumec. The design discharge of water course required will be.

Question 8

What is parallel axis theorem and to what it is applied?

Question 9

Calculate the error (in mm) in the linear measurement of offset, if the length of the offset is 80 m, then the accuracy in the measurement of the length is1 cm in
60 m.

Question 10

A part of pavement raised with respect to one side keeping the other side constant
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