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JKSSB CE Practice Quiz 16

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Question 1

The volumetric strain per unit increase in effective stress of soil is defined as:

Question 2

A cantilever beam fixed at left and carries a udl w/unit length over the left half portion and a point load W at the free end. If L is the length of the beam, the bending moment at fixed end is:

Question 3

A structure is said to be statically indeterminate when

Question 4

The rise in the maximum flood level of the river upstream of the weir due to its construction is termed as

Question 5

Which of the following method is a displacement method?

Question 6

What is the shear equation in slope deflection method for the portal frame shown below?

Question 7

The section in which concrete is not fully stressed to its maximum permissible value while stress in steel reaches its maximum value, is called

Question 8

A mild steel wire is 10 mm in diameter and 1 m long. If wire is subjected to an axial tensile load 10 kN, find extension of the road (Take E = 200 x 109)

Question 9

Which one of the following sections performs better on the ductility criterion?

Question 10

Invar tapes are made of an alloy of _______.
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