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Question 1

What is the amount of water used to conduct the initial setting time test of cement which has a standard consistency of P.

Question 2

A plastic hinge is a zone of yielding due to:

Question 3

The following data pertain to a sewage sample:

Initial D .O = 10 mg/l

Final D .O = 2 mg/l

Dilution to 1%

The BOD of the given sewage sample:

Question 4

Which of the following statements is correct?

Question 5

Calculate the permanent welting point if the depth of water in the root zone at the permanent wilting point per meter depth of soil is 0.4 m. the dry density of the soil is 16 kN/m3

Question 6

In a particular material, if the modulus of rigidity is equal to the bulk modulus, then the Poisson’s ratio will be:

Question 7

The effective stress strength parameters of a soil are c = 10 kPa and φ = 30, then shear strength on a plane within the saturated soil mass at a point where total normal stress is 300 kPa and pore water pressure is 150 kPa, will be ______.

Question 8

In Monsoon season, on the hill road which of the following item does not prevent landslides?

Question 9

The correction due to refraction for a distance of 1000 m is

Question 10

Calculate the years purchase for a property of useful life of 30 years and the rate of interest of 5% per annum. The rate of interest for the sinking fund is 3%.
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