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Question 1

A light house to be constructed so that it is visible from a distance of 66 kms from the port. Find the height of the light house required?

Question 2

Torsion in a reinforced concrete member gives rise to:

Question 3

The extreme bending moment caused by the total of a uniformly distributed load (W) on a cantilever beam of span L is

Question 4

A soil has a bulk density of 24 kN/mand water content of 20% . The dry density of soil in kN/m3 is

Question 5

The field capacity of a soil is 25%, its permanent wilting point is 15% and specific dry unit weight is 1.5. If the depth of root zone of a crop is 80 cm, the storage capacity of the soil is _____.

Question 6

A rectangular channel of cross-sectional dimensions 15 x 9 m is running at one third. What is the hydraulic radius (m) of the channel?

Question 7

Acceptable lower limit of bacteria removal through activated sludge process is:

Question 8

The intermediate sight distance is equal to ______.

Question 9

If  is the angle of crossing, then the number of crossing ‘N’ according to isosceles triangle method is given by

Question 10

The time by which the completion of an activity can be delayed without affecting the start of succeeding activities is called _____.
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