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JKSSB CE Practice Quiz 11

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Question 1

Calculate (to the nearest integer) the length of the curve of 15 chains radius with a deflection angle of 50° 30’, when the length of chain is 20m.

Question 2

An old building has been purchased by a person at a cost of Rs. 30000 excluding the cost of the land. Calculate the amount of annual sinking found at 4% interest assuming the future life of the building as 20 years and the scrap value of the building as 10% of the cost of purchase.

Question 3

A flow net (per metre length) given Nf=3 and Nd = 30 for a net head of 10m. Calculate the discharge if K = 1 ×10–6 m/sec

Question 4

The reason for adding gypsum in cement is:

Question 5

A storm with 150mm perception produces a direct runoff of 8.7cm, with incremental hourly rainfall values being 0.6, 1.35, 2.25, 3.45, 2.7, 2.4, 1.5 and 0.75 cm/hr. Estimate the index of the storm.

Question 6

A propped cantilever is subjected to a concentrated load of 16 kN at the centre of the span. The length of beam is 4m. The flexural rigidity EI=4x102 kNm2. The reactions at the fixed end and simply supported end are:

Question 7

A 100 ml water sample is drawn into an empty dry container whose initial weight found to be 90.350 gm. After oven drying at 103° for 4 hours, its final weight is measured to be 90.400. Find total solids in water in mg/l.

Question 8

A rigid frame ABCD has AB member as overhang, with end ‘A’ being free. Supports C and D are fixed. DB is vertical member and BC is horizontal member. DB=BC=5m. If the moment equations are given by:

rotation at B is given by:

Question 9

Power transmitted by a shaft in watts is given by the expression

(Where, N = speed in rpm and T is torque)

Question 10

Frost attack in concrete used in bridges can be avoided by:
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