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Question 1

Purlins as per IS 800:2007 are designed as?

Question 2

If Total dissolved solids (TDS) concentration in ground water is 500 ppm. Then find the percentage TDS in ground water

Question 3

The portion of brick obtained by cutting off the triangular piece between the centre of one side and the centre of adjacent side is known as

Question 4

What is the assumption made about back of wall, in the Rankine’s theory of earth pressure?

Question 5

Read the following statements:
1) Direct cost increases with the project duration.
2) Indirect cost decreases with the project duration.
3) Rescheduling the activities so that the peak resource requirement does not exceed the available resources is called Resource smoothing.
Which of the above statements are incorrect?

Question 6

The bending stress at the neutral axis and at the extreme fibre of a beam Cross Section is

Question 7

Flow at constant rate through a tapering pipe is _____.

Question 8

The moment distribution method is best suited for

Question 9

The property of a soil due to which the loss in shear strength caused by remoulding can be regained with the time is known as:

Question 10

Prolongation of chain line across an obstruction in chain surveying is done by _______.
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