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JEE Main Mock 108

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Question 1

Calcium acetate when dry distilled gives–

Question 2

The presence of primary amines can be confirmed by–

Question 3

Which of the following is an example of aldohexose?

Question 4

Which of the following is an anionic detergent?

Question 5

A sonometer wire of length 1.5 m is made of steel. The tension in it produces an elastic strain of 1 %. What is the fundamental frequency of steel if density and elasticity of steel are 7.7 × 103 kg/m3 and 2.2 × 1011N/m2 respectively?

Question 6

Two very wide parallel glass plates are held vertically at a small separation d, and dipped in water. Some water climbs up in the gap between the plates. Let S be the surface tension of water, P0 = atmospheric pressure, P = pressure of water just below the water surface in the region between the plates -

Question 7

A particle is observed from two frames S1 and S2. The graph of relative velocity of S1 with respect to S2 is shown in figure. Let F1 and F2 be the pseudo forces on the particle when seen from S1 and S2 respectively. Which one of the following is not possible ?

Question 8

A man standing on a road has to hold his umbrella at 30º with the vertical to keep the rain away. He thrown the umbrella and starts running at 10 km/h. He finds that raindrops are hitting his head vertically. Find the speed (in km/h) of rain w.r.t. road-

Question 9

The function f(x) = 2(x – [x]) + sin2π(x – [x]) is -
(Where [.] denotes greatest integer function)

Question 10

If g is the inverse function of f and f'(x) = sin x then g'(x) =

Question 11

The point (s) at each of which the tangents to the curve y = x3 – 3x2 – 7x + 6 cut off on the positive semi axis OX a line segment half the negative semi axis OY then the coordinates the point (s) is/are given by

Question 12

dx is equal to -
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