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Question 1

In an octahedral structure the pair of d-orbitals involved in d2sp3 hybridization is -

Question 2

Which ion produces a small crystal field splitting (a weak ligand field):

Question 3

The number of isomers of dibromoderivative of an alkene (molar mass 186 g mol–1) is -

Question 4

Most stable carbocation is:

Question 5

4 coins are tossed. Then the probability of getting at least one head is –

Question 6

Three numbers whose sum is 15 are in A.P. If 1,4,19 be added to them respectively the resulting numbers are in G.P. Then the numbers are-

Question 7

If a, b, c, d are in G.P. then a + b, b + c, c + d are in-

Question 8

The coefficient of a8b6c4 in the expansion of (a + b + c)18 is-

Question 9

4 charges are placed each at a distance ‘a’ from the origin. The dipole moment of configuration is-

Question 10

A positive charge q is given to each plate of a parallel plate air capacitor having area of each plate A and separation between them, d -

Question 11

Two insulated rings, one slightly smaller diameter than the other, are suspended along their diameter as shown, initially the planes of the rings are mutually perpendicular when a steady current is set up in each of them.

Question 12

Curie temperature is the temperature above which
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