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Question 1

If molecules of the gas are spherical of radius 1 Å, the volume occupied by the molecules in 1 mole of gas is -

Question 2

A one litre flask is full of brown bromine vapours. The intensity of brown colour of vapour will not decrease appreciably on adding to the flask some.

Question 3

Select the correct statement(s) from the following–

Question 4

The elements of group 1 are called alkali metals because -

Question 5

The number of real solutions of sin ex . cos ex = 2x–2 + 2–x–2 is -

Question 6

If sin θ = and < θ < π. Then the value of is

Question 7

If in a triangle = 2, then the triangle is-

Question 8

The maximum value of index of refraction of a material of a prism which allows the passage of light through it when the refracting angle of the prism is A is

Question 9

If l0 is the intensity of the principal maximum in the single slit diffraction pattern, then what will be its intensity when the slit width is doubled?

Question 10

A uniform metal rod is used as a bar pendulum. If the room temperature rises by 10 °C, and the coefficient of linear expansion of the metal of the rod is 2 × 10–6 per °C, the period of the pendulum will have percentage increase of-

Question 11

An enclosed one mole of a monoatomic gas is taken through a process A to B as shown in the figure. The specific heat of the gas for this process is –

Question 12

The kinetic energy of rotation of diatomic gas at 27 ° C will be (k = 1.38 × 10–23Joule/k)
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