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Question 1

In a vessel containing SO3, SO2 and O2 at equilibrium, some helium gas is introduced so that the total pressure increases while temperature and volume remains constant. According to Le-chatelier principle, the dissociation of SO3 -
2 SO3 2SO2 + O2

Question 2

The volume of O2 gas in litres at STP which will be reduced to water by 30 gm of SO2 in acidic solution is -

Question 3

The activation energy for a chemical reaction mainly depends upon –

Question 4

Lyophilic sols are more stable than lyophobic sols because –

Question 5

The locus of a point which moves so that the algebraic sum of the perpendiculars let fall from it on two given straight lines is constant, is-

Question 6

The members of a family of circles are given by the equation 2(x2 + y2) + ηx – (1 + η2) y – 10 = 0. The number of circles belonging to the family that are cut orthogonally by the fixed circle x2 + y2 + 4x + 6y + 3 = 0 is

Question 7

Two parabolas y2 = 4a(x – λ1) and x2 = 4a(y – λ2) always touch each other, λ1 and λ2 being variable parameters. Then, their points of contact lie on a

Question 8

If a, b, c are in A.P., then ax + by + c = 0 represents -

Question 9

A planet of mass m is moving in an elliptical path about the sun. Its maximum and minimum distances from the sun are r1 and r2 respectively. If Ms is the mass of sun then the angular momentum of this planet about the centre of sun will be -

Question 10

If the speed of light (C), acceleration due to gravity (g) and pressure (p) are taken as fundamental units, the dimensions of gravitational constant (G) are -

Question 11

As the mass number A increases, the binding energy per nucleon in a nucleus–

Question 12

The stopping potential (V0) -
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