JCO Full Form - What is the Full Form of JCO?

The modern Nepal Army formally adopted the Indian Army rank system for its soldiers in the 1960s through reorganizations. They have been using the term "JCO" since then. The British Indian Army began recruiting Gurkha soldiers from Nepal in the 19th century, and separate Gurkha Regiments were created for them. Numerous individuals may be wondering what the JCO full form is, and this post will tell you about the JCO full form and information related to JCO.

What is JCO Full Form?

The full form of JCO is Junior Commissioned Officer. "Junior Commissioned Officer (JCO)" refers to military ranks below lieutenant and above havildar. Only Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan use the term. According to merit and seniority, senior havildars are elevated to the JCO rank, subject to the availability of openings. JCOs are given special treatment and are granted more privileges.

In place of lieutenants, JCOs with the rank of Naib Subedar or Subedar frequently command platoons in an infantry company, with a major serving as the company commander and a captain as second-in-command. The similar post of regimental havildar major in the Indian Army is now obsolete because JCOs with the rank of subedar major support their battalion's commanding officer in the same way that a regimental sergeant major would.
Due to their extensive experience, JCOs are held in high regard by commanders in the Indian Army, and they have significant power, particularly regarding the welfare and morale of the enlisted ranks. We hope this article on JCO full form will be of great help.

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FAQs on JCO Full Form

  • The JCO full form is जूनियर कमीशन अधिकारी in Hindi. Junior commissioned officer (JCO) is a term for a group of military personnel higher than sergeants and lower than lieutenants.

  •  In field operations, JCOs perform a crucial function as a link between the officers and the ranks. Document certification and financial capabilities may be granted to a gazetted officer if needed.

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