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Question 1

The shape of the cumulative distribution function of Gaussian distribution is

Question 2

Determine the net effective Sectional area (in mm2) of a single equal angle tension member of ISA 100 × 100 × 8 mm Connected to a gusset plate through one leg with a single 20 mm diameter rivet as per W.S.M (or) as per IS:800–1984?

Question 3

A water filtration unit is made of uniform-size sand particles of 0.4 mm diameter with a shape factor of 0.84 and specific gravity of 2.55 . The depth of the filter bed is 0.70 m and the porosity is 0.35. The filter bed is to be expanded to a porosity of 0.65 by hydraulic backwash. If the terminal settling velocity of sand particles during backwash is 4.5 cm/s, the required backwash velocity is

Question 4

A tanker of size L = 6 m, b = 3 m & d = 3 m is mounted on a truck that can decelerate to 0.5g while braking. The tanker is open to the atmosphere. If no spilling is to be ensured, how much more water the tanker can carry (in percentage) when a baffle wall of full height is installed in the middle as compared to when the baffle wall is not installed?

Question 5

For nine free standing pile group having arc tan value of 21.2. The efficiency of pile group by converse Labarre formula.

Question 6

A short column 400× 400 mm is reinforced with 4 – 25 dia. Then the ultimate load carrying capacity of the column if emin is less than 0.05 × lateral dimension. Use M20 and Fe415.

Question 7

A propped cantilever beam EF is subjected to a unit moving load as shown in the figure (not to scale). The sign convention for positive shear force at the left and right sides of any section is also shown.

The CORRECT qualitative nature of the influence line diagram for shear force at G is

Question 8

the surface of zero elevation around the earth, which is slightly irregular and curved, is called as :-
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