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Question 1

A symmetric portal frame ABCD fixed at A and D carries a point load P as shown in the figure below.

The number of points of contra flexure in the frame is _________.

Question 2

Examine the through type truss shown below

The ILD for member is

Question 3

Two plates, subjected to direct tension, each of 12 mm thickness and having widths of 130 mm and 150 mm, respectively are to be fillet welded with an overlap of 300 mm. Given that the permissible stress is 110 MPa and the permissible stress in steel is 150 Mpa. The length of the weld required using the minimum permissible weld size (in mm) as per IS 800: 1984 is
Description: E:\Gate\Gate-CE-Civil\10_Steel-Structure_BLok_files\image036.png

Question 4

A cantilever beam of length ‘L’ has flexural rigidity ‘EI’ upto length Description: E:\Gate\Gate-CE-Civil\01_SOM_BLok_files\image063.png from the fixed end and Description: E:\Gate\Gate-CE-Civil\01_SOM_BLok_files\image064.png for the rest. It carries a moment ‘M’ at the free end. The slope at the free end is given by

Question 5

Yield of a well is 10lit/sec under a depression head of 4m. The value of specific capacity per unit area is 0.6/hr. The bottom diameter of the dug well (in m) is ____

Question 6

The ultimate BOD of a surface water sample is 316 mg/l at 20. The value of the reaction constant is k = 0.2 day-1 with base 'e'. The BOD5 of the sample is ____ mg/l.

Question 7

If a descending gradient of 1 in 25 meets an ascending gradient of 1 in 40, then the length of valley curve required for a head light sight distance of 100 m will be(m)

Question 8

The sequent depths in a hydraulic jump formed in a 4.0 m wide rectangular channel are 0.2 m and 1.0 m. The discharge in the channel (in Description: E:\Gate\SSC JE Civil Part 1-Done\04_FM_BLok_files\image002.png) is

Question 9

What is the ratio of theoretical effective length of the following two end conditions. The clear span is same for the two conditions.
1) Effectively held in position and restrained against rotation in both ends
2) Effectively held in position at both ends and restrained against rotation at one end.

Question 10

What is the distance between the line of sight and the trunnion axis the hypotenuse distance for a tachometric instrument of height 1.5m is fitted with an internal focusing telescope and positioned at a reduced level of 105.5m? The instrument focusses a vertically held staff at an angle of 5 °12’. The staff readings are 1.31m, 2.12m, and 3.23m. Assume the value of the additive constant to be 8 cm and multiplying constant as 1230.
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