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Question 1

Match list–I with list-II and select the correct answer using the codes mentioned below

Question 2

A fillet weld of size 6mm used to weld a plate of width 75mm to gusset plate to transfer a factored load of 120kN, assuming site weld and Fe410 steel, the length of each side of fillet weld (in mm) is

(Assume that the welding is done along the width also on one side)

Question 3

A town has a population of 40000 and the rate of water supply is 150 litres per capita per day. If 80% of this water is converted into sewage and the soil has a consuming capacity of 50 cum per hectare per day, find the area of land required for disposal. Assume that 50% of the land will be reserved for future expansion.

Question 4

A pipe of length 10m and diameter 20cm is carrying a fluid for which the head loss is 2m. What will be the head loss (in m) for a similar pipe of length 25m and diameter 10cm carrying the same discharge?

Assume the flow to be laminar in both the cases.

Question 5

Consider the following statements related to stress distribution in soil:

1) Results obtained from Boussinesq’s theory are more close to actual.

2) Results obtained from Westergaard’s theory give results on safer side.

Which are false?

Question 6

A 6-h unit hydrograph of a catchment is triangular is shape with a base width of 78 hrs and peak of 40 m3/sec. The equilibrium discharge of an s-curve obtained by using this 6-hr UH is

Question 7

A reinforced concrete beam is subjected to the following bending moments.

Dead load = 20 kN-m

Live load = 30 kN-m

Seismic load = 10 kN-m

The design bending moment for limit state of collapse is.

Question 8

Find the max shear (in MPa) in the plane of a stored gas cylindrical tank of inner radius 5m and thickness 30mm. The gauge pressure of the gas is 1 MPa 
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