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ISRO ME 2019 Fluid Mechanics and Machinery 5

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Question 1

Match the tables given below:

Question 2

An inverted U-tube is connected across two pipes A and B carrying fluids as shown. What will be the pressure difference between the centre lines of the pipes ________ N/m2. Liquid density=1.1 manometric fluid density=0.7

Question 3

During the experimental determination of metacentric height the movable weight of the ship is found to be 50N & at a distance of 5m from the axis. If the total weight of a ship is 5000N & the angle of tilt is 1˚. The metacentric height is  

Question 4

Match the following pairs:

Question 5

A jet of water has 40 mm2area at its orifice. If the coefficient of contraction is 0.58 find the minimum area in mm2 at its vena contracta

Question 6

Two venturimeter, with same manometers, of different area ratios are installed in a same pipeline. The reading of 1st manometer is h and area ratio is 2. If the 2nd manometer reads 8h, its area ratio is

Question 7

Average velocity of water in the developing region is 5m/s in a pipe laminar flow. What is the maximum velocity in the fully developed region?

Question 8

Glycerin of density 1250 kg/m3 and viscosity 0.72 kg/ms flows through a pipe of 80 mm diameter. If the shear stress at the wall is 300 N/m2, the pressure gradient along the flow is

Question 9

The velocity profile in laminar boundary layers are approximated by the equation,

The value of a and c is?

Question 10

For a centrifugal pump, if the liquid enters radially, then the manometric efficiency is given by
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