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ISRO CS 2019 : TOC Booster Quiz 3

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Question 1

The machine pictured in figure below does not represent

Question 2

Consider the DFA with alphabet set Σ={0,1,2} with designated initial state among the four states present in the DFA. Then how many DFA are possible with the above specification -

Question 3

Consider the following transition table of turing machine.

What is the language accepted by above turing machine?

Question 4

Let L= {|M accepts some string} where M is a Turing machine. Find the language L?

Question 5

An FSM (Finite State Machine) can be considered to be a TM (Turing Machine) of finite tape length

Question 6

Consider the machine M:
The language recognized by M is:

Question 7

Consider the following languages.
A={<M>|M is aTM and |L(M)| 3}
B= {<M>|M is TM that accepts some string.}
Which of the following is correct.

Question 8

A problem whose language is recursion is called?

Question 9

If L and L’ are recursively enumerable, then L is

Question 10

If language L is regular and G ⊆ L , then which of the following has to be regular ?
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